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Yes, the title are right. You can earn money by sharing or giving out your opinions. Online survey is the most easy way to earn money by spending 10-20 minutes for completing a survey.

During the past few months, I’ve been testing several online survey companies, and I have found some reliable companies which did pay you. This company I’m going to share with you isn’t pay you in cash, but they are giving you either KFC cash voucher or Jusco cash voucher. (Don’t worry, you can choose which voucher you want.)

Valued Opinion is a company owned by Research Now Ltd, from England. However, on their website has no any information about their branch or any affiliation in Malaysia. But this isn’t a big issue, as they did pay.

The minimum payout threshold is RM 30. They claimed that the rewards for each survey is typically from RM 4 to RM 10 and can up to RM 100 for specialist survey. But based on my personal experience, the rewards can be as low as RM 1 and up to RM 7 is the maximum rewards that offered to me.

Joining to their program is very easy. After joining you’ll be requested to complete some survey on your profile which is essential for them to send you the appropriate survey.

Although there is no restriction to join them, but I would not recommend those who worked in or has any relatives worked in any survey, advertising, media or related field personnel to join this programme, as you will not be able to do any survey or will be filtered out.

I’ve received my first payout – RM 30 KFC voucher (picture above), and soon I’ll get my second payout after completing another 1 or 2 survey. Valued Opinions will send the voucher to your mailing address via post express, I got mine within 10 days after request payout.

Currently I’m still evaluating many other survey companies, once I ensure they are reliable, I’ll share them with you, so please keep visiting this blog frequently.

To join Valued Opinions, please visit their official website here.

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