2 thoughts on “How to Earn High Interest from your Children Savings Accounts

  1. Vincent

    Thanks for the info. Just to ask, not sure if have any info about comparing Children Savings (like above) with Public Mutual Fund.
    I have two kids which is 3 yr & 1y now. I got some friends says put in saving account/fix better than mutual fund but there is some friend says mutual fund earns more than saving account/fix. About risk, many said in the end if you keep and wait it still earns and more (long-terms). I not sure which to choose.

    1. rmvalues Post author

      Hi Vincent, FYI I’m preparing a topic regarding to fund, and it will be published as soon as I gathered all the information and completed the article. According to your question, if for me, I won’t buy any funds, because I prefer not to take any risks. To my mind, mutual fund is just like a share, it can go up and down, although you will be given dividen, but you still have to pay annual management fees etc, so does it really worth ? If you’re interested to buy public mutual fund, I would suggest you to check their public mutual fund performance official website. I don’t know and never invest on any shares or funds, I just know it’s very hard for me to earn and save money, as the expenses are so high, I, myself won’t take any risk to lose my money to the big shark in the share market. Of course it’s all up to you. Please do not forget always visit Earn & Save Money Walkthrough for more money earning methods. 🙂


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