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I love to compare the same products from different sellers, I also love to show you which one is worth and more valuable, but I love the most is to reveal the hidden conditions including the tricks and cheat from the sellers and to alert and warn you from being cheated or misleaded. That’s why the RMvalues has been established, however, it seems to be not very popular and accepted by public.

I know there are a lots of good website and blogs in Malaysia that show and compare the same things for you and they are very popular now, but if you read and compare here and there, you will definitely know I revealed more and dig deeper. So I would like to start my topic today by revealing the Maxis misleading RRP, then only compare the Apple new iPad device bundle packages.

Maxis Cheat on 16GB RRP, where Apple price is RM 1,899 instead of Maxis RM 1,949, which is RM 50 extra
Refer to Apple Official Online Store

Only Celcom and Maxis are offering the Apple new iPad device together with data plans which DiGi only offer new iPad data plans. Today I’ll only focus on the device with data plans comparison and data only plans will be the next post.

Celcom has 2 data plans which Maxis has 3 data plans, so I’ll pick only 2 from Maxis which close to those 2 Celcom data plans. While Celcom has both 12 and 24 months contract but Maxis only 24 months contract, so I’ll take only 24 months contract in to compare.

Price RangeRM 68 – RM 70RM 100 – RM 108
iPad Internet
Plan 4GB
iPad Internet
Plan 12GB
Monthly FeesRM 70RM 68RM 100RM 108
Quota4.5 GB4 GB7 GB12 GB
SpeedUp to 3.6Mbpsup to 42Mbps*Up to 7.2Mbpsup to 42Mbps*
new iPad 16 GBRM 1,429RM 1,349RM 1,329RM 999
new iPad 32 GBRM 1,729RM 1,599RM 1,629RM 1,249
new iPad 64 GBRM 2,029RM 1,899RM 1,929RM 1,549
Upfront PaymentRM 420RM 450RM 420RM 800

Note: *I doubt Maxis can provide up to 42 Mbps to iPad, but if said similar to Celcom speed, would be reasonable, but this is not the main point. 🙂

Celcom will refund your upfront payment equally in 12 months, which mean RM 35 monthly.

Maxis will refund your upfront payment equally in 5 months, where the refunded amount is HIGHER than your monthly fee, will this extra credit being carry forward or it will be forfeited? I’ve no idea at all. If it will be forfeited, mean Maxis is cheating, if it can be carried forward, than it’s great.

Anyhow, Maxis new iPad device bundle packages seems to be very attractive compare to Celcom. What do you think ?

Celcom iPad official page.

Maxis iPad official page.

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