Compare Celcom First Voice and Celcom Exec

Celcom has just launched a new postpaid plan, which is Celcom First Voice. If you’re the existing Celcom Exec subscribers like me, you might be thinking the same question like me, should I change to the new plan?

I will take Celcom Exec 50 to compare with the Celcom First Voice. Why? Because Exec 50 is the most valuable plan in Celcom Exec plan. Let’s us revise the Exec 50 features here.

Discount for Celcom Exec 50

  1. Total Monthly Usage RM 60 – RM 79.99 = 10%
  2. Total Monthly Usage RM 80 – RM 149.99 = 20%
  3. Total Monthly Usage RM 150 and above = 30%

Now let’s see the First Voice plans. Although it has auto rate feature which can auto adjust your rate, but…

Total UsageExec 50First Voice 40
Below RM 60RM 0.15/minuteRM 0.15/minute
RM 60 – RM 79.99Total Usage
RM 0.14/minute
RM 0.15/minute
RM 80 – RM 149.99Total Usage
RM 0.12/minute
RM 0.15/minute until RM 80
Onwards RM 0.12/minute
Above RM 150Total Usage
RM 0.11/minute
RM 0.15/minute until RM 80
RM 0.12/minute until RM 150
Onwards RM 0.10/minute

* Above comparison are based on the voice calls charges.

If your monthly usage is X, what your bill will be ? We compare both Exec 50 and First Voice 40.

(Total Usage)
Exec 50First Voice 40
RM 52.50
(350 minutes)
RM 52.50RM 52.50
RM 72
(480 minutes)
RM 62.80
(10% discount)
RM 72
RM 102
(680 minutes)
RM 81.60
(20% discount)
RM 97.62
534 minutes in RM 0.15 (RM 80.10)
146 minutes in RM 0.12 (RM 17.52)
RM 165
(1100 minutes)
RM 115.50
(30% discount)
RM 148.02
534 minutes in RM 0.15 (RM 80.10)
566 minutes in RM 0.12 (RM 67.92)

Note: * Assume all usage only domestic voice calls.

Advantages for converting from the current Celcom Exec 50 to the new Celcom First Voice (40/80)

  1. Cheaper MMS, but are you going to send so many MMS ?
  2. Cheaper Video Call
  3. Free 100 MB data for Premier (First Voice 80)
  4. Auto Rate, but not worth for First Voice Prime

Disadvantages for converting from the current Celcom Exec 50 to the new Celcom First Voice (40/80)

  1. Expensive SMS in First Voice Prime, and no different in First Voice Premier, but cheaper in First Voice Elite
  2. No longer enjoying huge discount
  3. Auto Rate only for the subsequent usage, but not on total usage

So, is it worth to convert to new Celcom First Voice for the existing Celcom Exec subscriber? My answer will be No!

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20 thoughts on “Compare Celcom First Voice and Celcom Exec

  1. skatax

    I'm a Exec 50 user and was about to change to Voice 40 when Celcom adv the new plan. Good comparison – very helpful indeed, although I can do the calculation myself but just too lazy. Haha. Keep up the good work!

    Me and wife (she's using Exec 50 also) decided to stay with the current plan. 🙂


  2. Vincent

    Nice article. Just want to ask, if I would like to buy a phone with a package, I require to convert to celcom first plan? Because in celcom website there no no longer show exec phone plans.

    1. rmvalues Post author

      Hi Vincent, I'm sorry as I have no idea to answer your question. Please dial 1111 from your phone to ask Celcom customer representative.

  3. Sadeed86

    Thankx 4 d article! Im also a Celcom Exec 50 user & my monthly usage is over RM150 + 3GB internet RM58 = RM208, but since this Exec 50 plan offer a 30% discount as my usage over RM150, there is a huge different as d discount cuts as many as my internet bill! So literaly i dont have to pay 4 my RM58 internet plan! But starting on 1st October, unfortunately Celcom will b discountinuing the "unlimited data" usage, so there will b no more throttled speed if d quota were totally used. 🙁

    1. rmvalues Post author

      Hi Sadeed86, thanks for your information. I've confirmed with Celcom, because they want to force customer buy additional volume, so they have implemented this new policy. 🙁

  4. celcom hardcire usr

    Just wondering, d new policy to block internet usage once reach the max quota, what is our right as consumer? What is the rewards fr those who didnt finish their quota? What i mean here is, we pay for the quota we use, monthly. So, what happened to the balance of the bandwidth if we didnt reach the mnthly quota? All the telcos, inlcuding celcom should gives rewards or rebates to those use less than what they paid.

    1. rmvalues Post author


      When you subscribed to their service, you're considered read and understood their terms and conditions. So, there is nothing you can do, except port to other telcos.

  5. Arys

    Im celcom exec 50 user (without data). A few weeks ago, I heard about Platinum package. It say that we only pay based on our usage + RM38 for data. But, when I go to celcom centre, they said that the package only can be apply under company, not individual. Do you know anything about the package.

  6. Azizul

    Hi.. I am really bummed as i called 3 times to the celcom careline, and all of the were different people yet no one give me a satisfiable answer..

    My question is simple, we paid for RM40, but what do we get? Does it comes in any bundle? Does the 15 cent usage add up to the RM40(40 + usage) or what? Referring to our calculation give me some ideas.. It looks like it starts from RM0, and it adds up depending on my usage. If my usage is below RM 40, i will still be billed RM 40, and if i use more that RM 40(maybe 50) i will be billed RM 50 or so… Ist this right?

    I hope you can answer this.. Tq!!

    1. rmvalues Post author

      Hi Azizul, you're right. The RM 40 is your commitment, mean is the minimum amount you have to pay. If your usage is less than RM 40, you still have to pay RM 40 + 6% tax. If your usage is RM 50, then you have to pay RM 50 + 6% tax. There is no any bundle. Hope it clarified your queries. 🙂

  7. Ridhuan

    I’m an Exec 50 user and since I bought a smartphone from CelcomOffer (with rm500+ discount) now I have to stick with the plan for another 2.years. I’m glad coz it’s a lot better than the First plan.

    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi atika,
      If you’re currently using exec 50, and usage around 80+, then you must be paying RM 65++, due to 20% discount.

      So, I would recommend you to stick with exec 50. Unless you’re ready to talk another 2 hours more in a month.

      exec 50 = 80/0.15 = 533 minutes
      premier = 80/0.12 = 666 minutes

      differences is 133 minutes, about 2 hours. premier you pay RM 80, but exec 50 you pay RM 65++.

      thank you.

  8. kay

    tq for detailed cmmnt n fact.. very2 useful… i’m using exe50.. but want to add data usage… just add fee for 600mb or 1gb or 2gb like that?…insteed of changg to celcom first ?

    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi Kay,

      If your usage is beyond RM 50, and enjoying 10-30% discount, it’s worth to add mobile data, but if your usage is low, and you just require little data, like 50MB, then you might consider switching to new plan.

  9. n1bler

    As per my calculation, it is still better/worth to change from Exec 50 to new Celcom First Prime 40 when one usage is below RM40. This will lower down one monthly payment, I’m I right?

  10. maxxell

    Very very useful info…I’m just about to switch to celcom first prime on monday.. just done with my calculation for my usage..yes… exec50 still better than first prime plan.. thanks bro..


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