Celcom First Voice – Postpaid + Prepaid Plan

Celcom has just introduced a new postpaid plan on 27th June. Why I titled it as postpaid + prepaid plan? I’ll explain it to you later, keep reading…

In this Celcom First Voice, all the Voice Call, Video Call, SMS as well as MMS rates are same. And there will be a free mobile internet data, but sadly to say, it’s very little. Anywhere, it’s better than none.

Between that, there is a new payment channel, where you can pay your bill by buying a reload coupon and pay off your bill. But there is additional 5% of service charges. Ok, not too much talking, let’s see how is Celcom First Voice plan offer:

Monthly CommitmentRM 40RM 80RM 150
UpfrontRM 40RM 80RM 150
Voice Call (All Networks)RM 0.15/minuteRM 0.12/minuteRM 0.10/minute
Charging Block30 Seconds
Video Call (All Networks)RM 0.15/minuteRM 0.12/minuteRM 0.10/minute
Charging Block30 Seconds
SMSRM 0.15RM 0.12RM0.10
MMSRM 0.15RM 0.12RM 0.10
Free DataFirst Month
50 MB Trial
100 MB200 MB
Supplementary LinesCelcom 1+ 5

When you register your new Celcom First Voice, you can choose either prepaid or postpaid. For prepaid, you have to top up the monthly commitment, then you only able to make outgoing call, SMS as well as MMS.


  1. Lower commitment
  2. Free data, although it’s very little
  3. 1 flat rate
  4. Auto rate adjustment, e.g. you use Prime plan, but usage reach Premier in the mid of month, your rate will be adjusted to Premier plan rate until next billing cycle
  5. Can reload via reload coupon
  6. Prepaid exempt from 6% government tax


  1. Expensive SMS rate, like Maxis postpaid (Exec plan only RM 0.12/SMS)
  2. Prepaid charge 5% service tax (to cover their prepaid reload coupon commission paid to their distributor)
Pay Per UseUnlimitedRM 0.10/10KB
(Capped on RM 250)
Daily500 MBRM 5/day
Weekly1 GBRM 18/week
mLite300 MBRM 28/month
mBasic1 GBRM 38/month
mAdvance3 GBRM 58/month
mPro5 GBRM 88/month

If you’re current Celcom Exec Postpaid subscribers, I’ll tell you whether you should switch to the Celcom First Voice and which plan is more valuable, worth and money saving. Don’t forget to bookmark us and always come back.

Celcom First Voice official website.

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13 thoughts on “Celcom First Voice – Postpaid + Prepaid Plan

  1. anonymous

    I'm using celcom exec50, and thinking to convert to celcom first plan. But after read your article, I prefer to stay with exec50. I just want to ask you, now i using this package without data plan. If i want to subscribe to data plan, and still remain with exec50, could you suggest me the best way. Thank you for your article.

    1. rmvalues Post author

      Hi Anok Oghe,

      I'm glad that you have revealed which is more worth to you after you read my article.

      For the data plans, there is no any different between the new first voice and old exec. The same data plans as I mentioned in the article.

      And it won't affect your eligible total discount in old exec 50 or auto rate in new first voice, as they are not counted.

      So my advice would be stay with your current plan and add-on the data plan. Please keep in your mind that to add-on data plan (except Pay Per Use, Daily and Weekly plans), you have to go in person to any Celcom branches or Celcom Blue Cube.

      If you think my article is useful, please help me to share it to your friends and I hope you will come to read this blog frequently. I'm glad to have you here.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. emjay

    thanks for the info. really enjoyed reading it. can i ask you to review the celcom first data plan? what is the differences with the plan mentioned above and is it worth it?
    thanks again.

    1. rmvalues Post author

      Hi emjay,

      Thanks for supporting us, currently I'm working on another project which will be implement soon on this blog, that's why I haven't update it for days.

      Don't worry, I'll keep your interest on my priority to do list, once I've done the review on the celcom first data plan compare with other telcos, at the mean time, may be you can refer to our post 'Compare Apple new iPad Data Plans', there also got comparison and review about Celcom First Data Plan.

      Thank you.

  3. wawa

    Hi, may I know, if I take PRIME (RM40/month) , if I used less than RM40/month, do I still have to pay RM40 or just pay the amount I used?

  4. trinitritoluene


    Im planning to convert my uox prepaid plan to celcom first data mAdvance plus but im not sure is it worth to commit the plan.

    Currently im using my uox with data plan rm18 1gb for a week. Im only use around half of the quota every week. There’s no monthky data plan for prepaid. I spend rm72(rm18x4) + rm20 airtime for sms n voice call every month which is too much for me as especially the weekly data plan.

    Should i convert or stay with my current uox plan?

    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi trinitritoluene,

      Since I don’t know exactly your voice and sms usage, but as you said is RM 20. And your current monthly spent is RM 92, so I would agree with you to switch to first data mAdvane plus, if you want to stick with Celcom.

      But if you want to look for other options, you may read my previous posts.

      Thank you.

  5. din

    “For the data plans, there is no any different between the new first voice and old exec.” –> no it wasnt.. the truth is.. even that data is the same volume and price but you should consider that if you subscribe data on Celcom First plan, you will blocked whenever your reach your quota. and for Celcom exec subscriber, if you subscribe for data plan then its unlimited even your data reach your quota, but in lowest speed.

    i am the who was converted from exec to first.. and you know what i feel? i REGRET it a lot. we must realize that we need this data plan even in lowest speed to maintain our connection to our emails and so on. just my opinion..

  6. Celcom user


    Im now using celcom exec 50. my monthly bills is around RM200. Im planing to upgrade to Celcom first prime. so should i???

    1. RMvalues Post author


      Please do read http://www.rmvalues.com/blog/2012/07/06/compare-celcom-first-voice-and-celcom-exec/

      Since you said your usage is around RM 200, if continue using exe 50, you will get 30% discount, so it would be RM 60. Total bill to pay is RM 140. And charges per minute is RM 0.11.

      If you take First Prime, the charges is RM 0.15/minute, it’s not worth to change.

      If you take First Premier, the charges is RM 0.12/minute, it’s not worth too.

      If you take First Elite, the charges is RM 0.10/minute, it’s worth. However, previously you paid RM 140 (after 30% discount), but now you have to pay RM 150, and due to cheaper call rate, so your usage should be lower than RM 140, but you still have to pay RM 150.

      Because you did not share with us whether you take any mobile data package and your monthly average call and sms usage, so I can’t really recommend you whether to switch the plan or not.


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