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How to Recover Your Deleted Files

Some time we might accidentally deleted 1 or more files, folders, images, documents or whatever. Unless you are an expert in computer or you know how to recover it, otherwise you will only regret why you’d deleted it.

If you’re not experienced the above situation, but you want to help your friends, your colleagues or whoever to recover their formatted hard drive, usb drive or memory card, here is the solution I’m going to teach and share it with you.

There are a tons of free and paid recovery software and services. Among of them, Pandora Recovery is my favorite recovery software as it’s very powerful, quickly recovered the files and it’s FREE.

Steps to recover your deleted files:

1. Open the installed Pandora Recovery software. Continue reading

How to Check and Get Know Your PCI Device Information

Remember about 15 months ago, I was sharing “How to Check and Get Know Your CPU Information” with you? May be you remember the software I told you in that article — CPU-Z can help you to view your CPU information, mainboard (motherboard) information, graphic card information as well as BIOS information.

However, if you cannot view the PCI device information with CPU-Z. What to do? I’m going to share another software that can help you to reveal the PCI device information with you, which is CrystalCPUID.

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How to Know Who Access Your Computer Files in Shared Network?

I know you may not interested today article, but I hope you can read, at least have a mind whenever you involve into network sharing. I used to be not involving in network sharing since I learnt to use computer more than 10 years ago.

But since computer is getting cheaper and cheaper, every house are now afford to buy more than 1 computer and connected to internet via modem with router function. Each computer can share the files and folders via this small network.

So, now you’re getting higher and higher chances to involve into shared network. I’m not teaching you how to share your contents in the network, but I’m showing you how to view and know who (or exactly which computer) is accessing to your computer and even Continue reading