How to Recover Your Deleted Files

Some time we might accidentally deleted 1 or more files, folders, images, documents or whatever. Unless you are an expert in computer or you know how to recover it, otherwise you will only regret why you’d deleted it.

If you’re not experienced the above situation, but you want to help your friends, your colleagues or whoever to recover their formatted hard drive, usb drive or memory card, here is the solution I’m going to teach and share it with you.

There are a tons of free and paid recovery software and services. Among of them, Pandora Recovery is my favorite recovery software as it’s very powerful, quickly recovered the files and it’s FREE.

Steps to recover your deleted files:

1. Open the installed Pandora Recovery software.

2. Locate the drive where the files are located and you want to recover it on the left Browse panel.

3. Or you can select Surface Scan if you can’t find the files name on step 2, but it will take a little bit longer time to discover the deleted files.

4. After you found the files you want, right click it and select ‘Recover to…

5. Then choose the location you want the deleted files to be saved. Remember, do not use the same drive, otherwise you might not successful recover and even your data will be unrecoverable.

Easy to use right? Get your free copy from their official website here.

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