How to Check and Get Know Your PCI Device Information

Remember about 15 months ago, I was sharing “How to Check and Get Know Your CPU Information” with you? May be you remember the software I told you in that article — CPU-Z can help you to view your CPU information, mainboard (motherboard) information, graphic card information as well as BIOS information.

However, if you cannot view the PCI device information with CPU-Z. What to do? I’m going to share another software that can help you to reveal the PCI device information with you, which is CrystalCPUID.

This CrystalCPUID function is very similar to CPU-Z, but the advantage of CrystalCPUID is it can let you view the PCI device list.

Although the interface of CrystalCPUID isn’t similar to CPU-Z, but it’s very simple and easy to understand too as you can see on the picture above, clean and clear right? 🙂

To download CrystalCPUID, here is their official site link.

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