How to Know Who Access Your Computer Files in Shared Network?

I know you may not interested today article, but I hope you can read, at least have a mind whenever you involve into network sharing. I used to be not involving in network sharing since I learnt to use computer more than 10 years ago.

But since computer is getting cheaper and cheaper, every house are now afford to buy more than 1 computer and connected to internet via modem with router function. Each computer can share the files and folders via this small network.

So, now you’re getting higher and higher chances to involve into shared network. I’m not teaching you how to share your contents in the network, but I’m showing you how to view and know who (or exactly which computer) is accessing to your computer and even which files and folders they are viewing.

And this can be done without installing any new software, your computer existing programme already sufficient to do it.

Please open your Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. And it will look like this:

After that, on the left column as picture above, expand the System Tools > Shared Folders > Sessions (the RED rectangle).

Then you will see if any computer is viewing your files or folders. If nobody is accessing your files, it will look like the picture above.

Unfortunately the data is not updating, so you will have to manually click the refresh button (the RED oval) to keep yourself update.

Easy? 🙂

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