Compare Kuala Lumpur – Singapore Airfare

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore is one of the most busy and frequent route passengers are traveling around. There are around 64 flights departed from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA, LCCT and Subang Airport).

You know why? Thanks to budget airlines, airfare become cheaper and travel time also shorter as it’s only 55 minutes. If you take bus, it will take at least 5-6 hours, and you may jam in traffic, and during long journey you must be very tired.

Some more the bus ticket fare almost same, and if you book advance, airfare even cheaper than bus, why don’t take a happy and wonderful flight? 🙂

Come, let’s see how cheap is the airfare from different airlines:

Airlines Kuala Lumpur
to Singapore
Singapore to
Kuala Lumpur
Round Trip Checked in
AirAsia RM 48 RM 32 SGD 36 SGD 6.10 RM 131 15kg – RM 30
20kg – RM 35
25kg – RM 50
30kg – RM 60
35kg – RM 80
40kg – RM 100
Firefly RM 175 RM 65 RM 155 RM 39 RM 330 Free 20kg
25kg – RM 80
30kg – RM 160
35kg – RM 240
Jetstar RM 65 RM 65 SGD 28 SGD 6.10 RM 134 15kg – RM 38
20kg – RM 43
25kg – RM 50
30kg – RM 100
35kg – RM 170
40kg – RM 220
Malaysia Airlines RM 290 RM 65 SGD 187.40 SGD 6.10 RM 656 Free 20kg
SilkAir RM 391 RM 65 SGD 170.80 SGD 28 RM 698 Free 20kg
Singapore Airlines RM 391 RM 65 SGD 170.80 SGD 28 RM 698 Free 20kg
Tiger Airways RM 50 RM 32 SGD 38 SGD 6.10 RM 160 15kg – RM 38
20kg – RM 43
25kg – RM 88
30kg – RM 175


  • All airfares are included airport tax. Airport tax section is just for reference purpose.
  • The airfares are the lowest and correct as of time of writing, you may even get lower price or may not get the above mention low price, all are depends on your luck.
  • All are economic or lowest class available.
  • AirAsia and Tiger Airway are departed and landed on LCCT, Firefly from Subang Airport, while all others at KLIA.

There are some airlines (Air India, and Oman Air) also operates Kuala Lumpur – Singapore flight, but they don’t have the price available on their official website, if you want, you can book via traveler agent.


From the above comparative table, cheapest flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is AirAsia, while from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is Jetstar.

I’ll recommend you not to take route trip, but purchase separately, and you can save more.

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