Hide Your Email from Web Spammer

Yes, I’m sure you must have at least an email address, and I’m sure you must receiving unsolicited email advertisements, phishing emails, and spam emails too. Never ? That sound impossible.

Today, I’m not sharing the information how to deal with the above issue, because that’s not possible to do anything, all we just can rely on your email provider, such as GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail etc, their spam killing techniques to help you to kill most of the spam, phishing and scam.

I’ll focus on any bloggers, anyone who are actives in forums, discussion boards, and DIY (do it yourself) web site builders. For those who involved in above activities, especially you owned a blog or website, you will include your email address to let your readers or advertisers to get in touch with you.

But by having your email address on your website, blog, and forums are not a good idea as there are a lot of robot can read and harvest your email address and soon you will receive tons of unsolicited emails.

So, you should consider the following methods:

  1. Email icon.

    Currently this method is not widely used, not because the bot can read images, but due to more and more popular of second method.
    If you wish to use this method, here is a very good website that can generate the email icon for you for free – Email Icon Generator.
  2. Online Contact Form
    Using PHP or CGI (of course ASP.NET also can) to write a contact form that encode your email address at the back end, but you must have the related programming knowledge to write the form. Don’t worry, you still can find many free ready to use contact form.
  3. Encrypt your email address
    You can encrypt your email address by using javascript to hide it, but this method is rarely uses now because some robots are able to harvest the email address.

There are some other methods, but some already not using now and some are quite new and a bit complicated, so I’ll not going to tell to avoid confusion.

The best method to hide your email from web spammer will be… Not publish your email address at all. 😉

If you know additional method, please do share it with us via the comment form below. 🙂

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