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Couple days ago, I helped one of my friends’ friend reformat his old desktop and installed a latest Nero Burn Lite 10, as it’s one of the best burning software in the world. But after couple of hours after he took his desktop home, he called me for teaching him on how to use. I was curious why it’s just a simple and easy to use software, why he seems to be very confuse.

But I was enjoying my favorite movie on television, it’s very unlikely for me to go to his house to teach him face to face, so I decided to guide him through remote control software.

Of course this remote control doesn’t mean like we use a tools to change the television channel, sound level etc, but it’s a software that can control computers remotely via the internet, as if you were sitting right in front of them regardless you are providing spontaneous support, administering servers or working from your home office.

I then asked him to download a software called TeamViewer.

TeamViewer always is one of my favorite remote control software. Although Windows 7 and earlier version come with a remote control software bundle called Remote Desktop Connection, but I’m still prefer using TeamViewer as my only remote control software.

If you’ve ever try Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7, you will find it’s very difficult to configure and always being blocked by firewall either from your end or the other party. This even difficult especially if you’re using router to connect to internet, you will find no way to build the connection between you and the other party, unless you can correctly forward the port in both parties.

The main reason for me to choose TeamViewer is easy to use and easy to connect, but another reason is you can run it without install into your computer. This provde a great secured environment and highest security conditions for me.

Let me guide you how to use it.

First, download the TeamViewer (current version when I write this post is 7.0.12979) to your computer.

Then run the downloaded file without installing it.

After accepted the terms and conditions, you will then see the main screen

In my example, I want to help him to resolve the nero issue, I need to ask the id and password from his side, I then key in his id into the Partner ID section, and click Connect to partner, after successful connected, it will prompt for password authentication.

Then put the password which he gave me earlier and authenticated, now I can see his screen. He can observer and see whatever I done through, even the mouse pointer is moving.

Interesting ? Try TeamViewer yourself now. It’s Free for personal and non-commercial use without license purchase needed. Beside that, you can also use it for file sharing, and group meeting.

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