Euro 2012 Host City in Poland

Euro 2012 will be held on 8 different cities in Poland and Ukraine. There are Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw, and Wroclaw (Krakow) in Poland and Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Lviv in Ukraine. In this post I’ll only share the information of Poland first, and Ukraine part will be in the next post. 🙂


It’s a port city on the north part of Poland. You can get there via ferry (from Sweden), bus, train, or flight (via LOT Polish Airlines).


It’s located on the west part of Poland. One of the famous tourist point is Wielkopolska National Park. It located about 15km far away from it. Here is an introductory video :

The official website of Wielkopolska National Park (

Poznan has been well connected and reachable via bus, train, and flights (LOT Polish Airlines, Ryanair, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), Wizz Air and Lufthansa Airlines)


It’s a capital and largest city in Poland. There is a Kampinos National Park (known as the Puszcza Kampinoska) located on the north-west outskirt of Warsaw. There is an official website for it, unfortunately it’s in Polish, I also couldn’t understand it. But if you’re interested to have a look, here it’s (

Regarding to the flight information on how to get to Warsaw, please read my previous post  ‘Cheap Flight Tickets to UEFA EURO 2012 (Warsaw,Poland)‘.

Wroclaw (Krakow)

When I first saw the name, I was thinking where the city is located and why Krakow (one of the famous city in Poland) wasn’t been selected as one of the host city of EURO 2012 ? Haha… actually they are the same.

Krakow is located on the south region of Poland. It’s a second largest and one of the oldest city in Poland. Having absorbed Bohemian, Austrian and Prussian influences, the city has a unique architectural and cultural make-up, best seen in its magnificent market square.


It’s one of the member in European Union (EU). It joined EU in year 2004. It located in East of the Europe continent.

The currency that currently using in Poland is Zloty and Euro.

  • 100 Zloty is equal to roughly RM 90.50
  • 100 Euro is equal to roughly RM 395.00

Their official language is Polish. And most of the citizens are unable to speak in English. So, be prepared when you’re unable to communicate to, what else you can express your will. I personally would prefer body language by using hand and map to get my destination, what about you ?

I believed that Poland government will have a team of volunteers that can speak in English as well as other common languages in Europe, such as German, French, Italian etc to guide the tourist. So you probably won’t get lost.

For the entry visa requirement for Malaysian to Poland, you can read our post ‘Visa Requirement for Malaysian – Europe Continent‘ and for the emergency help from Embassy of Malaysia in Poland, read our post ‘Embassy and Honorary Consul of Malaysia in Europe

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