Cheap Flight Tickets to UEFA EURO 2012 (Kiev,Ukraine)

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Euro cup 2012 will be hosted on 8 different cities in Poland and Ukraine. There are Gdansk/Poznan/Warsaw/Wroclaw – Poland and Donetsk/Kharkiv/Kyiv/Lviv – Ukraine. Warsaw and Kyiv are the capital city, respectively.

My information and research on cheap flight ticket will be from Malaysia to their capital city. Travel period will be departed on 4th June and return on 4th July. And all are Economy Class tickets.

Before you purchase the ticket and plan your trip, remember to check the visa requirement   for visiting to Ukraine.

From Kuala Lumpur to Kyiv (Kiev) [Borispol Airport (KBP)]

  1. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines RM 4,841
  2. British Airways RM 5146 (exclude airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore)
  3. Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines RM 2808 (exclude airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and travel time here is 05/06/2012 – 02/07/2012)
  4. Lufthansa Airlines RM 5163
  5. Austrian Airlines RM 6028 (exclude airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok)
  6. Turkish Airlines RM 4925
  7. Etihad Airways + Ukrainian International Airlines RM 3663 + RM 1255 = RM 4918

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – transit on Amsterdam Schiphol airport / Travel time roughly 19 hours / 1 checked in luggage with 23 kg allowance / 1 hand luggage with 12 kg allowance

British Airways -departed from Singapore and transit on London Heathrow airport /  Travel time roughly 20 hours / 1 checked in luggage with 23 kg allowance / 1 hand luggage with 23 kg allowance

Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines – this is a direct flight from Bangkok to Kiev / Travel time roughly 10 hours and 30 minutes / unknown checked in luggage and hand luggage allowance

Lufthansa Airlines – transit on Frankfurt International airport / Travel time roughly 21 hours / 1 checked in luggage with 23 kg allowance / 1 hand luggage with 8 kg allowance

Austrian Airlines – departed from Bangkok and transit on Vienna International airportt / Travel time roughly 18 hours / 1 checked in luggage with 20 kg allowance / 1 hand luggage with 8 kg allowance

Turkish Airlines – departed from Singapore and transit on Istanbul Ataturk Airport / Travel time roughly 25 hours / 20 kg checked in luggage / unknown hand luggage allowance

Etihad Airways – departed from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai. then take Ukrainian International Airlines to Kiev.

There are more options on connecting flight, but I can’t listed out everything, I just choose the cheaper and convenient one.

My opinion

If you want cheapest, you can fly to Bangkok and take Aerosvit Airlines to Kiev. It spend less time and it’s a direct flight. Although I never take Aerosvit Airlines, but many friends of mine used to take it and according to their experience, they claimed that their services was very bad, attitude wasn’t good, chairs are loose and engine sound was scared.

Turikish Airlines also consider cheaper and shortest travel time. From my own experience, I don’t like their services as they treat their passenger badly. And the transit time is very long and no hotel provided. They provide only 1 free meal, but they are not telling you until you go to ask at transit counter, then they will give you the voucher to purchase food.

For me, I prefer KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, as their services was great, reasonable price and comfortable. Recommend !

Wait… wait… wait… For the flight information to Poland, will be later. 🙂

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