Celcom has the Worst Customer Support & the Worst Management – Part 2

Don’t forget to read the part 1 (Celcom has the Worst Customer Support & the Worst Management – Part 1)

Is the time for me to continue my story on bad experience from Celcom customer service.

This time is regarding to their customer service in English speaking and understanding level.

I’m subscribing to Celcom auto billing facility via credit card to facilitate my bill payment as well as avoid line get barred due to late payment or forget to pay the bill. Also I want to enjoy the 5% rebate on my bill.

On March, I wanted to unsubscribe the auto billing for my supplementary line, but maintain the auto billing for my principle line. Because the Celcom branch is far away from my house, so I decided to get in touch to their customer support in order to unsubscribe the auto billing.

When I told him that I wanted to unsubscribe the auto billing in English, he started to talk to me the e-billing. I spent few minutes to explain to him that what I actually want to, finally he understood. Unfortunately even after passing all the verification process, he still refuse to help me, according to him, to unsubscribe from auto billing, I should go to branch.

I ended up the call, because I know he didn’t understood me properly. I then called to customer service and this time was another operator picked up the call. She seems to be understood my question, but she faxed the wrong form to me. [email protected]@~

I called them again on the next day, this time I requested some one that can speak Mandarin, I told her that I wanted to unsubscribe the auto billing and it’s not convenience to go to branch.

She then explain to me the whole process, I should fill up the form which she will fax to me later and attach my identity card and credit card photocopy and fax back to them. Then call them to check whether they receive the fax and process my request.

Finally I didn’t fax back to them, because I’m unhappy why I need to fax the photocopy of the credit card to them, this is a very sensitive information. I planned to spare some free time to travel an hour to their branch to unsubscribe until I encourage this issue, which made me decided to leave Celcom. And I’m doing research on which telco’s suit me the best.

Wanted to know what problem made me to decide to leave Celcom ? Come back tomorrow and I will tell you why.

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