Apple new iPad is Coming to Malaysia this Friday

Apple new iPad has been released to U.S. and another 10 countries at 16th March. We were asking, when it will come to Malaysia. Because our neighbour – Singapore also got it on 16th March.

Finally, we got a surprising news, acccording to Apple press release, Apple new iPad is coming to Malaysia this Friday. Beside Malaysia, there are 10 more countries’ Apple fans will get the new iPad on the same time.

Apple new iPad will be released on 20th April to the following countries:

  1. Brunei
  2. Croatia
  3. Cyprus
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. El Salvador
  6. Guatemala
  7. Malaysia
  8. Panama
  9. St Maarten
  10. Uruguay
  11. Venezuela

Beside that, there are some countries will also get new iPad on 27th April, which is 1 week later :

  1. Colombia
  2. Estonia
  3. India
  4. Israel
  5. Latvia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Montenegro
  8. South Africa
  9. Thailand

To learn more about Apple new iPad specs, please read our previous post (

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