Compare Mobile Prepaid Mobile Data Packages

Smart phone is getting more and more popular in Malaysia as well as global now. Almost 50% of mobile phone users are using smart phone now. Some of them even have more than 1 smart phone. And this not even includes the tablets, like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and others.

According to Google Analytics of our blog, about 20% of visitors are using smart phones and tablets to view our blog. That’s why we have also launched the mobile site of RMvalues blog. However, you don’t have to remember other than ( url, the plugin we installed will take care the rest. Whenever you open our blog via smart phone or tablet, you will be redirected to mobile site (look at the picture below).

RMvalues Blog Mobile Site

Nowaday, smart phone and tablet already have wi-fi connectivity, but wi-fi hotspot isn’t available anywhere. So the mobile data (3G, EDGE, GPRS) from mobile operator is the better choices. But do you have any idea which mobile operator’s package suit you the best ?

Just check it out our comparison chart, we have listed all the mobile data packages for mobile prepaid from all mobile operators and mobile virtual network opeartors.

Compare Mobile Prepaid Mobile Data Packages

OperatorPlanPackageQuotaSpeedChargesExceed QuotaValidity
CelcomXpaxPay-Per-UseUnlimitedUnknownRM 0.10/10KB – –
Celcom Broadband Daily500 MB512 KbpsRM 5Throttle to 64 Kbps24 hours
Celcom Broadband Weekly1 GB512 KbpsRM 18Throttle to 64 Kbps7 days
DiGiBest & Easy
Pay-Per-UseMaximum 30MB14.4 MbpsRM 0.10/10KB
Maximum RM 8/day
Terminate –
Mobile Internet Daily 50MB50 MB384 KbpsRM 3Terminate24 hours
Mobile Internet Weekly 250MB250 MB384 KbpsRM 15Terminate7 days
Mobile Internet Monthly 500MB500 MB384 KbpsRM 48
RM 30 (before 31/05/2012)
Terminate30 days
HotlinkBagus PlanPay-Per-Use –UnknownRM 0.10/10KB – –
1 Day pass 100MB100 MBUnknownRM 2RM 0.10/10KB24 hours
1 Day pass 500MB500 MBUnknownRM 5RM 0.10/10KB24 hours
1 Week pass 5MB5 MBUnknownRM 3RM 0.10/10KB24 hours
Weekly pass 100MB100 MBUnknownRM 8RM 0.05/10KB7 days
Weekly pass 250MB250 MBUnknownRM 12RM 0.05/10KB7 days
U MobileU PrepaidUnlimited Mobile Internet*500 MB14.4 MbpsRM 28Throttle to 64 Kbps
or subscribe Booster Plan
30 days
Booster1 GB14.4 MbpsRM 10 –3 days
HappyKelantan & TerengganuPay-Per-UseUnlimitedUnknownRM 0.10/10KB
Maximum RM 3/day
 – –
Internet Tanpa Had250 MB384 KbpsRM 15Throttle to 128 Kbps7 days
Happy PrepaidPay-Per-UseUnlimitedUnknownRM 0.50/10KB – –
TuneTalkMobile PrepaidPay-Per-UseUnlimitedUnknownRM 0.05/1MB/session** – –
XOXXinXun PrepaidXD18300 MBUnknownRM 18Terminate30 days
XD381 GBUnknownRM 38Terminate30 days
XD683 GBUnknownRM 68Terminate30 days

* U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet package come with Free 100 minutes talk time (any networks) and Free 30 SMS.

** You will be charged a minimum of RM0.05 per MB. Multiple sessions will be charged RM0.05 per session notwithstanding that each session may not reach or exceed 1MB.

Refer to the picture below :

Snapshoot of the operators and as an evidence to proof to prevent telcos silently changes their terms.



Our Opinion

Based on the comparison chart above, different of telcos mobile prepaid data packages are very narrow, we can’t really tell you which one is the cheapest, because pricing and quota ain’t same. However, what we can say is, DiGi Pay Per Use and Mobile Internet Daily 50MB are the most expensive among all the telcos.

What’s about your opinion ? Do not hesitate to share with us by leaving your comment below.

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  1. Faiz

    Eh betul ke plan internet Xpax dah takde pay per use? Mmg berbaloi lah kalau mcm tu, boleh layan Internet puas2 haha


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