Scam Alert from 39913 SMS

Here, another scam SMS I received couple days ago. Do you know that sms sent from short code 6xxxx is from bulk sms corporate ? If you don’t know, then you must be haven’t read my post ‘Recognize the SMS Short Code Secrets‘.

Scam Alert 39913

Please read the sms content, you must type ON HA to 39913 to re-activate the sms content before expired. Very simple, I never ever subscribes to any stupid content, why I still received it ? Because it’s just a SCAM.

I’ve contacted my mobile operators customer services, they told me that they can’t take any action on it. Because mobile operators EARN MONEY from every sms they sent as well as future sms whenever who got trapped and subscribed to the SCAM services.

What else I can do ? Report to SKMM also no action will be taken to. Log a police report will be the same too.

So, the only smart action is — Do Not respond to any sms sent from short code, neither 2xxxx, 3xxxx, nor 6xxxx.

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