Compare Mobile Prepaid SMS Rates

Do you know what’s your current mobile prepaid plan sms rate ? To same network as well as to other networks ? Can you afford it ? Or you might want to find a cheaper one ? Or your current prepaid plan is the cheapest among all the operators ?

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Compare Mobile Prepaid SMS Rates (On-Net and Off-Net)

Operators Plans SMS to Same Network SMS to Other Networks
 Celcom  Xpax  RM 0.01  RM 0.05
 DiGi  Best Prepaid  RM 0.10 (before RM 1 usage)
RM 0.01 (after RM 1 usage)
 RM 0.10
 Easy Prepaid  RM 0.08  RM 0.08
 Hotlink  Bagus 5  RM 0.01  RM 0.10
 U Mobile  U Prepaid  RM 0.03  RM 0.08
 Happy  Happy Prepaid  RM 0.05  RM 0.07
 Kelantan dan Terengganu  RM 0.01  RM 0.06
 TuneTalk  Mobile Prepaid  RM 0.05  RM 0.05
 XOX  XinXun Classic  RM 0.07  RM 0.12
 XinXun Silver  RM 0.06  RM 0.11
 XinXun Gold  RM 0.05  RM 0.10


Very obviously, Celcom SMS rate is the cheapest among other operators, because it has the lowest SMS rate to it’s own network as well as other networks.

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