Compare the Mobile Prepaid Video Call Rates

Making video calls becoming more and more popular in Malaysia, since the 3G ready phone (with front camera) are getting cheaper and cheaper. You can get it with less than RM 500.

Another reason is 3G infrastructure are getting more complete compare to first launched in year 2005 (Although the first batch of telcos received their 3G license on year 2002). So, you can easily make video call without hassle.

In Malaysia, we have Celcom, DiGi, Maxis Hotlink, U Mobile and XOX are offering 3G video call services, while Happy and TuneTalk at this moment have no any plan on it.

Among those 5 telcos, which video call rates are most attractive and affordable ? Look at our comparison chart below to compare it yourself. If you still unable to make a choice, you can refer to our recommendation at the end of this post. It might provide a guide to you.

Comparison chart of Malaysia Mobile Prepaid video call rates for both mobile operators and mobile virtual network operators.

Operators Celcom DiGi Hotlink U Mobile XOX
Plans Xpax Best Prepaid Easy Prepaid Bagus 5 Pass U Prepaid XinXun
Call to Same Network
Charging Block  10 minutes  60 seconds  60 seconds  30 seonds  30 seconds  30 seconds
30 seconds  RM 0.28  RM 0.36  RM 0.30  RM 0.12  RM 0.15  RM 0.28
1 minute  RM 0.28  RM 0.36  RM 0.30  RM 0.24  RM 0.30  RM 0.56
5 minutes  RM 0.28  RM 1.80  RM 1.50  RM 1.20  RM 1.50  RM 2.80
10 minutes  RM 0.28  RM 3.60  RM 3.00  RM 2.40  RM 3.00  RM 5.60
Call to Other Networks
Charging Block  5 minutes  60 seconds  60 seconds  30 seonds  30 seconds  30 seconds
30 seconds  RM 0.28  RM 0.36  RM 0.30  RM 0.18  RM 0.30  RM 0.45
1 minute  RM 0.28  RM 0.36  RM 0.30  RM 0.36  RM 0.60  RM 0.90
5 minutes  RM 0.28  RM 1.80  RM 1.50  RM 1.80  RM 3.00  RM 4.50
10 minute  RM 0.56  RM 3.60  RM 3.00  RM 3.60  RM 6.00  RM 9.00

Review and recommendation

Celcom Xpax remain the cheapest video call operators. It’s not reasonable to say Hotlink Bagus Plan is cheap in less than 30 seconds call, because peoples are rarely make so short video call. If you love to make video call, consider Celcom Xpax.

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