Compare the Mobile Prepaid Top Up Validity

When I find out the information and do the comparison, my head was becoming bigger and bigger when I look at the hotlink official website. Their design are so complicated and like a maze, the search engine also useless, no result found for any search term. @@

It’s quite difficult to put all in a chart, due to different reload methods and amounts, the validity will be different. But I’m trying to make it easy for you to understand it.

TelcosReload AmountValidity
CelcomRM 3 – RM 93 Days
RM 10 – RM 197 Days
RM 20 – RM 2915 Days
RM 30 and aboveRM 1 = 1 Day
DiGiRM 5 – RM 99RM 1 = 1 Day
RM 100120 Days
HappyAny Amount (minimum RM 5)60 Days
*Special thanks to kellaong,
refer to his comment
RM 35 days
RM 55 days
RM 1010 days
TuneTalkRM 3 – RM 5RM 1 = 1 Day
RM 1011 Days
RM 2022 Days
RM 3050 Days
RM 5075 Days
RM 100150 Days
RM 200270 Days
RM 300365 Days
RM 500548 Days
RM 1000730 Days
U MobileAny AmountRM 1 = 3 Days
XOX XinXunAny AmountRM 1 = 1 Day*

* Only XOX XinXun top up validity can be accumulated up to total 368 days. Other telcos validity are based on the newer expired date.

U Mobile validity is the best one among the others, where you can enjoy 3 times extra validity, while Celcom reload amount below RM 30 is the shortest. For TuneTalk subscribers, we recommend you to reload RM 30, because the validity is the longest compare to other amounts.

Grace Period

OperatorsGrace Period
Celcom Xpax50 Days
DiGi Easy Prepaid
DiGi Best Prepaid
90 Days
Happy Prepaid??
Hotlink Bagus 5 Prepaid90 Days*
TuneTalk Mobile Prepaid45 Days
U Prepaid100 Days
XOX XinXun Prepaid60 Days

* Hotlink subscribers unused credit in grace period will be remain in your account for the first 30 days, then it will be forfeited on the day 31 of grace period. Other operators subscribers credit will be remain along the whole grace period. All operators are forfeited your balance after grace period. (Special thanks to ST for providing the official statement from Maxis. Please refer to his comment for more information.)

U Prepaid grace period is the longest one while TuneTalk Mobile Prepaid grace period is the shortest among telcos.

Please do let us know if you found the top up validity information on Hotlink official website and show us the url in the comment box below this article.

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12 thoughts on “Compare the Mobile Prepaid Top Up Validity

  1. ST

    Hi there, first of all I enjoy reading your blog and I will continue read πŸ™‚

    With regards to your post on mobile topup validity you noted with * that hotlink topup balance will be forfeited on the 31st day onwards in the grace period, I asked in Maxis forum and the staff replied it will not be forfeited unless account is deactivated at the 91st day. Now I'm confused if the staff is not fully aware of it or you might have been provided with inaccurate resources.

    Here's the link to the forum –


    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi ST,

      Thank you for helping us to correcting the mistake.

      First of all, I have to explain it to you on how we gather the information as well as ensuring the accuracy. We firstly refer to the official website, then try go google the official website if there is any missing part and finally we called to official operator to get the information.

      We will no go further step if we found the info on the first step. For your information, we found the info here (

      Look at the first 30 days grace period (deactivate with balance), and next 60 days grace period (deactivate without balance). So we assume it is forfeited.

      Since you have the official answer from Maxis, we have corrected our statement and we appreciate your help to make us better.

      Thank you.


  2. ST

    Hi RMValues,

    From the link you have given me, it totally makes sense why you would think that the credit will be forfeited on 31st day in the grace period. I would have thought so myself. I have clarified further with the staff in the forum and they said the link was meant for old plan, not Bagus plan…lesson learnt, never fully BELIEVE hotlink website unless it specifically mention that it is applicable for 'whatever plan'.

    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi ST,

      That's why I also mention in the post that Hotlink website is like a maze, really lack of accurate information as well as confusing. But I'll still try to get the correct information before publish it.


  3. @kellaong

    i oso wonder y can't find Hotlink top up validity in its offical website=.="
    But 13/8/12 i top up RM3 get 5days(18/8/12)
    n RM5=5days
    keep trying by my own>.<

  4. chelsss

    HI, If im planning to purchase any plan for my new phone, Is there any affordable plans for a student?? Maybe more on internet surfing compared to calling or sms and stuff. Pospaid or prepaid will be fine πŸ™‚ thankssss


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