Recognize the SMS Short Code Secrets

I’m sure you had ever received sms from 5 digits short code, like 2xxxx, 3xxxx, or 6xxxx. But do you know who sent it to you and which one is high risk ?

The Short Code is a 5 digit numbers that enables mobile content services (MCS) providers to  deliver their services to customers.

Currently, there are 3 types of short codes on the market, which are:

  1. 2-Series short code (2xxxx) for cellular network operator’s own services, like Celcom, DiGi, and Maxis send you any promotion of their new services, bonuses, check balance etc.
  2. 3-Series short code for premium services assigned by cellular network operators (PCS providers) to MCS providers. Providers from this group usually uses the next group short code to send out their scam sms which we have posted (Scam Alert from 66168 SMSScam Alert from 63660 SMS , Scam Alert from 0134054916 SMS (39998)) to ask you reply to this 3-Series short code, in order to prevent them from being suspended by SKMM.
  3. 6-Series short code for corporate and bulk services.

There are  two  mobile content service  business models  being operated at the moment :

  • Subscription-based services where mobile users will be obtaining the service for fixed or continuous duration, for example weekly or monthly.
  • One-off purchase or pay per use services.

Mobile content services is charged via deduction from prepaid credit or charged to postpaid bill. Apart from this, the normal telecommunication charges  may be charged by the cellular network operator, most seen in ringtone, picture, video and any other required mobile data connection.

To unsubscribe to their services, you can follow the steps on this post ‘How to Unsubscribe from Scam and Spam SMS ?‘.

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