Hotlink Prepaid – Bagus 5 Pass

Maxis has just launched their new Hotlink Prepaid plan on 8th of March, which is Bagus 5 Pass.

This Bagus 5 Pass prepaid plan come with 5 main features, which is

  1. cheaper call rates to self networks (Maxis/Hotlink) only
  2. cheaper SMS rate to self networks (Maxis/Hotlink) only
  3. lower IDD rate (IDD 132 with special dialing code)
  4. lower mobile internet data rates
  5. lower data roaming in selected countries.

Beside that, if you maintain a minimum RM 10 in your main account balance, you can enjoy roughly a 16.66% discount on your voice and video calls to any local networks except Activ10 numbers.

Bagus 5 Pass Rates

Main Account BalanceBelow RM 10 (RM 0 – RM 9.99)RM 10 and above (RM 10 – RM 9999.99)
Voice Calls to Maxis/Hotlink NetworkRM 0.24/minuteRM 0.20/minute
Voice Calls to Other NetworksRM 0.36/minuteRM 0.30/minute
Voice Calls to Activ10RM 0.12/minute
Charging Block30 Seconds
SMS to Maxis/Hotlink NetworkRM 0.05/SMS
SMS to Other NetworksRM 0.10/SMS
SMS to Activ10RM 0.01/SMS
Video Calls to Maxis/Hotlink NetworkRM 0.24/minuteRM 0.20/minute
Video Calls to Other NetworksRM 0.36/minuteRM 0.30/minute
Video Calls to Activ10RM 0.12/minute
Charging Block30 Seconds
MMS to Any NetworkUnknown

Bagus 5 Pass also come with a 3 days free total 10 MB mobile internet data for you. After finish the free data, you will be charged RM 0.10/10KB if you continue to use unless you subscribe to the data plans below :

Data Plans

Daily100 MBRM 2/day
500 MBRM 5/day
Weekly5 MBRM 3/week
100 MBRM 8/week
250 MBRM 12/week
Pay-As-You-GoUnlimitedRM 0.10/10KB

To subscribe to the new Hotlink Prepaid Plan Bagus 5 Pass, you can dial *100# from your phone and select Hotlink Specials > BAGUS Pass.

For existing Hotlink subscribers, please dial *108*21# to upgrade. RM 1 will be charged.

To check the old Hotlink Prepaid – New Hotlink Plan rates, you can read our previous post ‘Hotlink Prepaid – New Hotlink Plan


I just saw the Maxis advertisement on newspaper and television regarding this new Bagus 5 Pass, I saw their call rates show RM 0.12/minute, and I know you will ask, why I said It’s RM 0.24/minute to Maxis/Hotlink networks ? It’s because the rates in advertisement was 30 seconds charging block, unlike other telcos published their call rates in 1 minute.

This is a trick to trick the users to switch to Maxis Hotlink. And this is the purpose of establishing this blog.

Recommendation – Unlikely. Unless you’re frequent calls to Maxis/Hotlink networks, otherwise you can consider other telcos or refer to our old comparison chart (I’ll update it later.).

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