DiGi Postpaid Plus Plans

DiGi has just launched new postpaid plans, so called Postpaid Plus. This new postpaid plans are come with voice/video calls, SMS, MMS and Internet Data bundles.

Basically these plans seems to be inexpensive and more valuable, but… ?? Let’s compare the plans first, then I’ll discuss with you at the end of this post.

DiGi Postpaid Plus

PlansDG 48 PlusDG 68 PlusDG 88 Plus
Monthly CommitmentRM 48RM 68RM 88
Bundle Quota
Voice/Video Calls to All Networks200 Minutes300 Minutes450 Minutes
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to All Networks200 SMS300 SMS450 SMS
MMS to All Networks20 MMS30 MMS45 MMS
Internet DataN/A100 MB250 MB
Exceed Quota Charges
Voice/Video Calls to All NetworksRM 0.15/minuteRM 0.13/minuteRM 0.12/minute
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.20/MMS
Internet DataRM 0.30/MB
Capped on RM 240/month
Friends and Family6 DiGi Numbers
Supplementary LinesDG Family Prepaid / Postpaid
RebateRM 5 for auto-billing (credit cards)
Bundle ValueRM 54RM 93RM 136

Standard Bill – RM2 / month

Itemised Bill – RM5 / month (includes Standard Bill statement)


As we know, postpaid plans are cheaper on voice calls, but expensive in sms if we compare it with any prepaid plans.

So, you can see, the actual value of those plans are :

  1. DG 48 Plus – RM 30
  2. DG 68 Plus – RM 39
  3. DG 88 Plus – RM 54

Even though if we added the Internet Data, the value also not increase much :

  1. DG 48 Plus – RM 30
  2. DG 68 Plus – RM 43.80 (Based on Postpaid Monthly 1GB RM 48) to RM 45 (Based on Prepaid 50MB/RM 3/day)
  3. DG 88 Plus – RM 66 (Based on Postpaid Monthly 1GB RM 48) to RM 69 (Based on Prepaid 250MB/RM 15/week)

Who actually need to send so many SMS but uses postpaid plan ? Choose Prepaid Plans and you can save a lot, alot and a lot.

Our conclusion, NOT RECOMMENDED.

Unless your usage is roughly what the plan offered, otherwise you should think about other telcos.

To learn more about DiGi new Postpaid Plus, please visit their official website here.

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