RMvalues QBank Launched

We have our new project launched today, which is RMvalues QBank. QBank stands for Question Bank.

Our propose to establish the RMvalues QBank is to :

  1. Build a Question Bank to collect certain subjects questions and establishing a database.
  2. Provide a medium for users to experience the computerize modulation system.
  3. Let users to undergo training and exercise.
  4. Let users to compete with their friends in a fair condition.
  5. Gives users the ability to evaluate their ability.

RMvalues QBank is using WebTester PHP software which is powered by Eppler Software, this software is written by Steven Eppler and Graphic is drew by Matthew Osburn, but the whole software is modified by RMvalues. 😉

I’ve spent several weeks to understood the php scripting and modified it to suit our needs. That’s why this blog haven’t being update for so long time, really feel sorry to all supporters.

Our first test available for you is Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP Test), which is also known as Undang Test, a computerize test that you must pass prior to obtain a “L” license. In this test question bank contain 500 questions, but only 50 questions will be randomized ask, and there is no any limitation to try, so you can try as many attempt as you wish to.

Do you know that other similar site that offer computerize KPP test, they are charging minimum RM 16.90 (kpptest.com), but RMvalues QBank is provided for FREE of Charge. Please share this information to all your friends and help them to pass their driving license computer test and remember that, we are always FREE of Charge.

I hope you are not only get familiar with the modulation test, but also can revise what you have studied from your purchase copy.

Sooner we will include the past year questions of UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM subjects and other interested topics for you to help you to revise, review, study, doing exercise, and to learn more.

RMvalues QBank site url : http://www.rmvalues.com/qbank/index.php (Please bookmark it!)

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