How to Unsubscribe from Scam and Spam SMS ?

Yesterday, one of my friend had became the victim of scam alert, because he replied a message to the scam short code, which provided by third party. And he received several sms daily and each of it cost RM 0.50.

Last night we were gathering in mamak stall and he complaint to me his phone credit reducing very quick and he regret why he replied the message.

After listening the whole story, I took his phone and help him to send an sms to stop the service from that party.

How can I stop it ?

Actually it’s a very easy and simple step to stop any unwanted promotional or spam sms or unsubscribing from any services. Usually when you successful subscribed to their service, they will include the information on how to unsubscribe in the first or confirming sms.

However, if you accidentally or intentionally delete it, you still can unsubscribe their services by simply send an sms with STOP ALL to the particular number.

For example, several days ago I’ve posted a scam alert from 66168, and if somebody A has replied with ON GP to 32023, and later somebody A want to unsubscribe from 32023, then he can just send an sms with STOP ALL to 32023 to unsubscribe the service.

But, please keep in mind that, STOP ALL function might take up to 24 hours to unsubscribe you according to the telcos, but based on my experience, it usually instantly.

Now, everybody can stop the spam and scam sms easily with STOP ALL. 🙂

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