Cheap iPhone 4S ? Compare Contract and non-Contract iPhone 4S

Since 28th October 2011, Apple Malaysia quietly start to sell iPhone 3GS  and iPhone 4 on their online apple store. 2 days ago (16th October 2011), it included the new iPhone 4S, you can start buying the new iPhone 4S via apple online store without contract.

Let’s see what’s Apple Malaysia Online Store iPhone price :

  • iPhone 3GS 8GB – RM 1,199
  • iPhone 4 8GB – RM 1,799
  • iPhone 4S 16GB – RM 2,199
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – RM 2,499
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – RM 2,799

Now, let’s go to see the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) that telcos listed on their website :

Celcom – Not Avalaible


  • iPhone 4S 16GB – RM 2,290
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – RM 2,590
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – RM 2,890


  • iPhone 4 8GB – RM 1,890
  • iPhone 4S 16GB – RM 2,190
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – RM 2,590
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – RM 2,890

If we compare the telcos price and Apple Malaysia Online Store price, only Maxis iPhone 4S 16GB is RM 9 cheaper than Apple Malaysia Online Store while other iPhone sets of all telcos are about RM 91 expensive.

To buy from Apple Malaysia Online Store, please go to

Later I’ll compare and analyse all the telcos iPhone 4S plans, don’t forget to keep visiting us. 🙂

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