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Scam Alert from 66168 SMS

I’m tiring with the sms scam from short code sender, but every time I decided to delete it, because it’s a scam. And just a couple days ago, I received a scam from the number 66168 again, and this time, I didn’t delete it and I took a screenshot for a proof to show you, and to keep you aware of how the scam message usually look like.

When I google the customer service number (03-51913427), I found this thread from cari forum ( and the number is belong to a company called MCOM Sdn Bhd. (read more about this company background –

Several results I found included , .

Please keep in your mind that, never respond to any similar sms which asked you to send ON what to whatever short code.

I’ll continue to post the scam alert from other short code, whenever they spam me. 😉

p/s : the message above contained a quite stupid mistake, which is not every 016 number holders are DiGi users, due to the power of MNP. :p

Celcom iPhone 4S Plans

Celcom iPhone 4S come with 2 different contract length which is 12 months and 24 months in 4 different packages, which is i68, i98, i148, and i248.

12 months contracti68i98i148i248
Upfront PaymentRM 300RM 720
CommitmentRM 68RM 98RM 148RM 248
Free Calls to Other Networks50 minutes100 minutes250 minutes500 minutes
Free Calls to Celcom Network3000 minutes6000 minutes
Free SMS All Networks100200400600
Free MMS All Networks10204080
Data Included800MB2GB4GB6GB
Call to All NetworksRM 0.15/minuteRM 0.12/minuteRM 0.10/minute
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.20/MMS
iPhone 4S 16GBRM 1,838RM 1,748RM 1,598RM 1,298
iPhone 4S 32GBRM 2,158RM 2,068RM 1,918RM 1,618
iPhone 4S 64GBRM 2,468RM 2,378RM 2,228RM 1,928

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Cheap iPhone 4S ? Compare Contract and non-Contract iPhone 4S

Since 28th October 2011, Apple Malaysia quietly start to sell iPhone 3GS  and iPhone 4 on their online apple store. 2 days ago (16th October 2011), it included the new iPhone 4S, you can start buying the new iPhone 4S via apple online store without contract.

Let’s see what’s Apple Malaysia Online Store iPhone price :

  • iPhone 3GS 8GB – RM 1,199
  • iPhone 4 8GB – RM 1,799
  • iPhone 4S 16GB – RM 2,199
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – RM 2,499
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – RM 2,799

Now, let’s go to see the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) that telcos listed on their website :

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