U Prepaid Plan

U Mobile

U Mobile is offering Free daily calls to all u-mobile networks numbers whenever you top up your prepaid account.

Starter Pack RM 8
Preloaded Airtime RM 5
Voice Calls to All Networks RM 0.18/min
Video Calls to U Mobile Networks RM 0.30/min
Video Calls to Other Networks RM 0.60/min
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS to U Mobile Networks RM 0.03/sms
SMS to Other Networks RM 0.08/sms
MMS to All Networks RM 0.25/mms

Free Calls*

RM 10 10 days
RM 30 30 days
RM 50 50 days
RM 100 100 days

*Only limited to U-Mobile numbers.
*Only limited to 60 minutes daily. Exceed limit will be charged standard call rates.
*Maximum accumulate up to 150 days.
Top Up Validity

RM 10 30 days
RM 30 90 days
RM 50 150 days
RM 100 300 days

Grace Period (inactive period) – 100 days

Data Plan

Unlimited Mobile Internet Pay As You Use
Charges RM 28 RM 0.05/1MB
Quota 500 MB Unlimited
Speed Up to 14.4Mbps Up to 14.4Mbps
Exceed Quota Free but Speed Throttle to 64kbps N/A
Validity 30 days N/A
Free Bonus 1 100 Minutes Voice Calls to All Networks N/A
Free Bonus 2 30 sms N/A


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