New DiGi Smart Plan

DiGi recently has changed their DG Smart Plan and the old DG Smart Plan lite which is RM 33/month is not longer offer and it introduced another 2 plans instead of the original DG Smart Plan 68.

New sign up since 22nd September 2011 to DG Smart Plan 68, after exceed your monthly 3GB internet quota, you are not longer to enjoy speed throttle to 128kbps but you will get only 5kbps now. However, all the current or signed up before 22nd September 2011, you will still enjoy speed throttle to 128kbps after exceeding your internet quota until further notice.

Below are the new DG Smart Plan comparison chart :

DG Smart Plan 48 DG Smart Plan 68 DG Smart Plan 88
Monthly Fee RM 48 RM 68 RM 88
Internet Quota 1 GB 3 GB 5 GB
Exceed Quota Speed throttle to 5kbps Speed throttle to 128kbps
Voice Calls to All Networks RM 0.15/minute
Video Calls to All Networks RM 0.15/minute
SMS to All Networks RM 0.10/SMS
MMS to All Networks RM 0.20/MMS
Charging Block 30 seconds
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) RM 10
BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) RM 20
25% Rebate on Monthly Fee Total Bill Usage hits RM 100 N/A
50% Rebate on Monthly Fee N/A Total Bill Usage hits RM 150
100% Rebate on Monthly Fee Total Bill Usage hits RM 200 Total Bill Usage hits RM 250
Bonuses N/A 50 minutes DiGi-DiGi voice calls
50 DiGi-DiGi SMS
Friends and Family 6 DiGi Numbers
Supplementary Lines Up to 6 Lines
Summarised Bill RM 2
Itemised Bill RM 3
Auto-Billing RM 5 rebate

My opinion:

Recently DiGi was become very tricky. Why I say so ? Because at the beginning on DiGi advertisement on newspaper or on their website front page, their offers and rates are cheapest among all telcos. However, after certain period, they are changing their plan terms and conditions silently and I guarantee you couldn’t found it on their advertisement or on their website front page.

If you got paid attention and monitored their website specific page for that particular plan, for example DG Smart Plan page and look carefully to their terms and condition, you will suddenly saw that they changed the terms and condition very silently.

Is that a trick or a cheat ?

Another obvious example is their Easy Prepaid Plan, first of all they offer free 3 buddy calls with 60 hours monthly limit and 3 friends and family (only DiGi numbers), then gradually only from 12am to 6pm daily and no more 3 friends and family.

One more example is their Facebook Zero, firstly is free to use 24 hours, then now how ? You know if you’re DiGi facebook zero user.

Back to the plan, do you think you can browse any internet with just 5kbps speed ? If you’re internet heavy user and surely exceed limit, then I DO NOT recommend you to take any DG Smart Plan package.

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    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi Soulfly,

      I'm not sure what phone you're using, but for me and my friends I know, not counted because the internet access has been routed to wifi instead of GSM when you have wifi connected.


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