Celcom Prepaid – Celcom Blue

Our telcos prepaid and postpaid plans are quite outdated already, and after several days of searching and re-design, we begin to update all the telcos plans today and will continue on the next few days until all information posted. Please keep on visiting us.

Celcom Blue

Standard Rates
Call to All Networks (Voice + Video)RM 0.39/min
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.15/sms
MMS to All Networks*RM 0.35/mms
Charging Block20 seconds
Teman 20 Rates (Only Celcom Network)
Calls (Voice + Video)RM 0.15/min
SMSRM 0.01/sms
MMS*RM 0.15/mms
Charging Block30 seconds
International Rates
Voice CallsRefer to Celcom
SMSRM 0.50/sms
MMS*RM 1.50/mms

*Each MMS sent will be charged additional data, e.g. 10kb mms sent to DiGi, charges will be RM 0.35 + RM 0.10 (RM 0.10/10kb) = RM 0.45

**Special RatesTotal Monthly Reload AmountAll NetworksTeman 20
Call RatesRM 30RM 0.35/minRM 0.12/min
RM 50RM 0.29/minRM 0.10/min
RM 100RM 0.19/minRM 0.08/min
SMS RatesRM 30RM 0.06/smsRM 0.01/sms

** Special rates will be applied when your monthly reload amount meet the above requirement, otherwise the normal rate will be applied.

Data Plans
Pay As You UseRM 0.10/10KB
Capped on RM 250
Unlimitedup to 384kbps
Daily UnlimitedRM 61 GBup to 384kbps
Weekly UnlimitedRM 202 GBup to 384kbps

Additional Features

Credit Advance – Out of credit ? No problem, you can get RM 2 credit advance in each top up. RM 2 will be cut when you reload.

Type ADVANCE and send to 28882.

Unknown charges.

Credit Validity – Lazy to reload monthly ? You can extend your validity by paying 1 year (RM 30) or 2 years (RM 50).

Type EXP 1 and send to 28882. (1 year validity)

Type EXP 2 and sent to 28882. (2 years validity)

Condition – You have to reload a minimum accumulative RM 30 for the first 6 months after activate this feature.

Voice Mail Greeting – Boring with the voicemail greeting ?

Design and record your own voicemail greeting  by typing DAFTAR<space>UMS and send to 22211.

Unknown charges.

Airtime Sharing – You or your friends out of credit ? No problem, you can share your airtime with them from RM 1 to RM 25

Unregistered User – Type RM<amount> and send to 1<followed by recipient number>
e.g. RM 5 and send to 10199009000

Registered user – Type CAT<space>6 digits<space>mother’s name and send to 1019
e.g. CAT 123456 emak and send to 1019

Unknown charges.

Sim Card Rescue – Refer here.

Call Me Tones (Similar to Caller Tones) – RM 3/song/month

How to Reload ?

  • Enter *122*<16 digits reload card code># and press call button.
  • Type rec<space>16 digits reload card code and send to 2888.
  • Dial 1930 or 0193000910 and follow the steps.

How to check balance ?

  • Enter *124# and press call button.
  • Type bal and send to 2888.
  • Dial *119#

Reload validity

RM 3 – RM 93 days
RM 10 – RM 197 days
RM 20 – RM 2915 days
RM 3030 days
RM 200200 days

grace period – 50 days

void on 51st day.

How to get GPRS, WAP & 3G settings ?

Type SET and send to 20999.


Bonus for using more

Monthly Total UsageBonus Credit
RM 50 – RM 1493%
RM 200 – RM 2995%
RM 300 and above8%

Loyalty Bonus

6 monthsRM 2
12 monthsRM 3
18 monthsRM 5
24 monthsRM 10
Every 6 months onwardRM 10

Birthday Bonus

Free to call, sms for 7 days

Terms and Conditions applied.

Surprise Bonus

Teman 20

Prabayar Blue – First 20 numbers are Free. Subsequent changes charge RM 1 per change. At least 6 months active with LOS and reload minimum RM 30 within 6 months. RM 0.50 monthly charges will be imposed if less than 1 year with LOS.

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