Basic Savings Accounts (BSA)

Basic Savings Accounts (BSA) is offered at all banking institutions to Malaysians and permanent residents. These accounts can be opened under individual or joint names. BSA operate in the same way as the ordinary savings except that these accounts enable you to perform only basic transactions and at a minimal cost or free.

As a BSA holder, you are entitled to perform the following banking services via facilities offered by your banking institution:

TypeNature of transactionMinimun transactions per month
Over the counter
visit (OTC)
Account enquiries, deposits, withdrawals,
funds transfer within the same bank and
bill payments
Balance enquiries
Funds transfer within the same bank
No limit
No limit
Deposit Machines**
Cheques deposits
Cash deposits
No limit
No limit
Interbank GIRO
Interbank funds transfer
(at RM0.5 per transaction)*
Internet Banking
Account enquiries
Bill payments
Funds transfer
No limit
No limit
No limit

*Additional transactions may incur a charge as determined by your banking institution.

** If deposit machine facilities are not available at the branch, deposit transactions can be made at the counter without charge, These transactions will not be counted in determining the total number of OTC services performed. In cases where self-serve deposit facilities are provided and you choose to make a deposit over-the-counter, this transaction will be considered as part of the OTC limit.

More information please visit Banking info website.

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