Most of the people have never heard of this word before. But recently it has becoming the hottest topic in Malaysia.

We don’t have to know about the etiology, which bacteria causes it, and etc.We just need to know the way of spreading, symptoms and how to prevent it from spreading.

Leptospirosis can be transmitted by many animals such as rats, skunks, opossums, raccoons, foxes, and other vermin. It is transmitted though contact with infected soil or water. The soil or water is contaminated with the waste products of an infected animal. People contract the disease by either ingesting contaminated food or water or by broken skin and mucous membrane (eyes, nose, sinuses, mouth) contact with the contaminated water or soil.

To prevent from getting infected, stay away from the soil, water(for example paddy field,swimming pool,waterfalls). Do not drink uncooked water or food.Must remember to cook the water and food properly before drinking and eating.

How do we know if we are infected ?

If you are infected, you will get the following symptoms.

  • headache,muscle ache,fever,redness of eyes
  • neck stiffness
  • right upper abdominal pain
  • yellow colour of skin

If these symptoms occur, please go to your doctor or hospitals immediately.

Take good care of yourself and also your loved ones!

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  1. Dr Satrian

    Yap. As a doctor myself, i have seen a case who had coughing out blood from lung! That's was very bad. Lucky that I admit him early. If not, he may die at home. That's why early check up is very important. Ok?


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