King’s Confectionery Membership Offers!

For those who loves eating cakes and desserts, then you must be knowing King’s Confectionery !

Now they are offering the membership at Rm 20/year.

As a card member, you can enjoy

1. 10% discount on all King’s confectionery products in any branches in Malaysia.

2. Instant 50% discounts on all King’s Confectionery non promotional items upon joining of membership.

3. Enjoy 50% discount on 1kg cake on your birthday month.

4. Free RM 40 cash vouchers.

5. Free RM 40 cake vouchers.

6. Buns & Pastries vouchers

7. 50% discount cake vouchers.

8. Discount vouchers for Pak Hailam Kopitiam up to 35%.

If you really love going to bakery shops, I think King’s Confectionery is really a nice choice due to their qualities and amazing taste of their products.
Well, you can buy directly from the website without going to the shop! They provide the home delivery service.You can track your order and even preview your orders by login the website.
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1 thought on “King’s Confectionery Membership Offers!

  1. Sonny Woon

    Yes the discounts are attractive…but the QUALITY of the cakes and breads are so poor. cakes are dry and old fashion. The breads are hard and dry as a rock. Would not appreciate it even if its "FREE".


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