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You already had some concepts about online auction and shopping marketplace like eBay. Lelong Malaysia is another ‘eBay’. But Lelong Malaysia is one of the earliest online auction company established in Malaysia, and the most important is, Lelong is a Malaysian company!

If you are curious why eBay Malaysia offer Free listing for Buy it Now, Auction and Auction with Buy It Now while other eBay international like US, UK, Singapore don’t offer Free listing, you must look at Lelong Malaysia fees, then you will know why. 😉

  1. Express Ads
  2. Standard Auction
  3. For Sale / Buy Now

Posting Item – Free

Optional to all items

a. Featured 1 Item in Front Page – RM 3.00
b. Featured 1 Item in Category Listing – RM 1.00
c. Thumbnail Listing – FOC
d. Additional Picture – RM 0.10 / Pic
e. Search Ranking Fees – Minimum RM 3.00

Auction Related Items

a. Reserved Auctions – RM 1.00
b. Close Anytime Auctions – RM 0.20 (To post)
+ RM 0.50 (If auction amount 0 to RM100)
+ RM 1.00 (If auction amount > RM100)
c. Dutch Auctions – charge based on transaction fees.
d. Quick Grab – RM 0.20
e. Quick Auction – RM 1.00

Compare Lelong to eBay:

Lelong only open for Malaysian while eBay you can sell to worldwide with some fees.

It’s up to you to choose whether Lelong or eBay or both to sell your product. If you have more than 1, you can sell on both places, but we don’t recommend you place on both website when you have only 1 item on hand. What if your item  happened to be sold on both places, how you duplicate another item to deliver to your buyer? 😉

Visit our Malaysian Online Auction and Shopping website – Lelong.

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