Pos Malaysia New Postal Rate

Well, I’m sure that you already knew about the recent 100% increase of the postal tarrif of Pos Malaysia. Today I’ll list out all the domestic postal rate here for your reference purpose and in the future I believe that we will have the comparison chart of postal rate for all other courier companies.

Domestic Mail Rate

Minimum Weight Maximum Weight Rates (RM)
Standard Mail (RM) Non-Standard Mail (RM) Periodical (RM)
above 0g to 20g 0.60 0.80 0.50
above 20g to 50g 0.70 0.80 0.60
above 50g to 100g 0.90 0.80
above 100g to 250g 1.00 0.90
above 250g to 0.5kg 2.00
above 0.5kg to 1kg 3.50
above 1kg to 2kg 5.50

Definition of Standard Mail

Non-Standard Mail refers to Letter, Printed Matter and Small Packet whose weight, size and features do not fit a Standard Mail

Periodical refers to book, pamphlet, magazine, catalogue and newspaper published on a regular basis at least two (2) times a year (conditions applied)

Parcel Rates (Land/Sea) – Within Malaysia

Minimum Weight Maximum Weight Rates (RM)
above 0g to 0.5kg 7
above 0.5kg to 1kg 7
above 1kg to 1.5kg 7
above 1.5kg to 2kg 7
above 2kg to 2.5kg 8.50
above 2.5kg to 3kg 8.50
above 3kg to 3.5kg 10
above 3.5kg to 4kg 10
above 4kg to 4.5kg 11.50
above 4.5kg to 5kg 11.50
above 5kg to 5.5kg 13
above 5.5kg to 6kg 13
above 6kg to 6.5kg 14.50
above 6.5kg to 7kg 14.50
above 7kg to 7.5kg 16
above 7.5kg to 8kg 16
above 8kg to 8.5kg 17.50
above 8.5kg to 9kg 17.50
above 9kg to 9.5kg 19
above 9.5kg to 10kg 19
above 10kg to 10.5kg 20.50
above 10.5kg to 11kg 20.50
above 11kg to 11.5kg 22
above 11.5kg to 12kg 22
above 12kg to 12.5kg 23.50
above 12.5kg to 13kg 23.50
above 13kg to 13.50kg 25
above 13.5kg to 14kg 25
above 14kg to 14.5kg 26.50
above 14.5kg to 15kg 26.50
above 15kg to 15.5kg 28
above 15.5kg to 16kg 28
above 16kg to 16.5kg 29.50
above 16.5kg to 17kg 29.50
above 17kg to 17.5kg 31
above 17.5kg to 18kg 31
above 18kg to 18.5kg 32.50
above 18.5kg to 19kg 32.50
above 19kg to 19.5kg 34
above 19.5kg to 20kg 34

Parcel Rates (Air) – From East Malaysia to West Malaysia or Vice Versa

Minimum Weight Maximum Weight Rates (RM)
above 0g to 0.5kg 8.50
above 0.5kg to 1kg 10
above 1kg to 1.5kg 11.50
above 1.5kg to 2kg 13
above 2kg to 2.5kg 16
above 2.5kg to 3kg 17.50
above 3kg to 3.5kg 20.50
above 3.5kg to 4kg 22
above 4kg to 4.5kg 25
above 4.5kg to 5kg 26.50
above 5kg to 5.5kg 29.50
above 5.5kg to 6kg 31
above 6kg to 6.5kg 34
above 6.5kg to 7kg 35.50
above 7kg to 7.5kg 38.50
above 7.5kg to 8kg 40
above 8kg to 8.5kg 43
above 8.5kg to 9kg 44.50
above 9kg to 9.5kg 47.50
above 9.5kg to 10kg 49
above 10kg to 10.5kg 52
above 10.5kg to 11kg 53.50
above 11kg to 11.5kg 56.50
above 11.5kg to 12kg 58
above 12kg to 12.5kg 61
above 12.5kg to 13kg 62.50
above 13kg to 13.50kg 65.50
above 13.5kg to 14kg 67
above 14kg to 14.5kg 70
above 14.5kg to 15kg 71.50
above 15kg to 15.5kg 74.50
above 15.5kg to 16kg 76
above 16kg to 16.5kg 79
above 16.5kg to 17kg 80.50
above 17kg to 17.5kg 83.50
above 17.5kg to 18kg 85
above 18kg to 18.5kg 88
above 18.5kg to 19kg 89.50
above 19kg to 19.5kg 92.50
above 19.5kg to 20kg 94

Pos Laju (Pos Express) rate? Check out our post tomorrow. See ya!

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