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If you still remember, yesterday we introduced you the ScriptLance. Today we are introducing you another freelancer marketplace which is Freelancer.

Freelancer works exactly same as ScriptLance. However, there are several differences and Freelancer offer you more widely selection on the field you expert on.

In Freelancer, you can find Sales & Marketing, Product Sourcing & Manufacturing, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal and some other special projects which you can’t find it on other places.

How much does it cost to join ?

You are free to join. But there are some fees for :

For employers

  • Posting a project USD $ 5 (refundable on selecting a Service Provider)
  • Selecting a Service Provider USD $ 3 or 3%, whatever is higher
  • Posting a Featured Project USD $ 19
  • Hide Project from Search Engines USD $ 3
  • Hide Bids from Other Users USD $ 1
  • Posting a Full Time Project USD $ 99.95

For workers

  • Free to bid on Projects
  • Project fee USD $ 5 or 10%, whatever is higher
  • Won a Full Time Project USD $ 0 fee

You can also subscribe to Gold Membership for special fees, more information please refer to their official website later.

Does Freelancer offer referral program ?

Yes, it does. You can earn 90% of the project fees taken for the first 3 months of the referral memberships only.

* Project fees mean the total project fees less any chargebacks, refunds, and reversals.

How do I get paid ?

Payment will be sent to you via Freelancer Debit Card, PayPal, MoneyBookers and Bank Wire Transfer. Minimum payment is USD$ 30, for PayPal payment USD $ 1 fee will be charged.

Our Opinion

If you already join ScriptLance, why don’t you join Freelancer too ? It’s free to join and pay fee only when you got project and earn money. We recommend you join Freelancer and earn money instantly. 😉

To become a Freelancer, please click here !

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