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Well, I still remember few years ago when the Bidvertiser launched (actually at the moment when I signed up an account it already launched 2 years), I went to sign up an account and it was so easy to get approved and I began to placed my ads on my first website. And Bidvertiser was the first publisher programme I used.

After placing the ad code, I straight away sent my account manager an email to ask some questions which I don’t remember it now, just for some clarification. However, when I tried to login on the 2nd day, it said my account was disabled without any reasons. And until today I still haven’t receive the respond from Bidvertiser.

At that time, I really want to tell them ‘@%^!(*#~’, but some days later when I cooled down, I started to search and asked in forums, oh, so many forumers encounter the same issues, WTH, can’t you asked Bidvertiser a single questions? I get started to know that was so many victims like me, so I have nothing to blame anymore.

Well, now I don’t care about it, because Bidvertiser is not my cup of tea to make money and the rest of this article will be on neutral position, trust me! :p

What is Bidvertiser ?

Bidvertiser is another CPC money earning program established by an Israel company.

What does Bidvertiser offers ?

Bidvertiser offer you Banner and Text Link Ads in Banner, Skyscrapers, Rectangles, Button and Free Design format.

How does Bidvertiser Works ?

If you remember our previous posts regarding to Adbrite and AdOnion, it will be easier for you to understand how does it work. Bidvertiser is just work like a marketplace where you can sell your ad space or choose to run their network ads when you still waiting for buyers to advertise on your ad spaces.

Does Bidvertiser offer referral program ?

Yes, Bidvertiser pay you

  • USD $ 10 when you refer a new advertiser and first spends $10, and pay you another USD $ 20 when that same advertiser spent another USD $ 50.
  • USD $ 10 when you refer a new publisher and first earns $10, and pay you another USD $ 40 when that same publisher earns $50.

Our Recommendation:

I strongly not recommend you to use Bidvertiser program, not only based on my experience, but also based on our researches on this publisher program. As you know, we will share the information with you only after several weeks to several months researches and finding.

You can Google the keywords ‘Bidvertiser‘ , ‘Bidvertiser Scam‘ or ‘Bidvertiser Fraud‘, I’m sure you will find a lots of negative reviews and bad experiences on it. Even had users did the ‘test clicks’ and found no cliks on their control panel but their advertiser account in Bidvertiser show that it was present clicks and cut their money.

However, we do not stop you to try their services. If you want, you can follow this link to open an account in Bidvertiser.

Best of luck.

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