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Today we would like to share our experience in Chitika with you.

You might have heard about Chitika before. If you haven’t heard of that, you should listen properly. 😉

Why you don’t recommend Chitika, although it seems very good and pay their publishers ?

  1. Unlike other CPC money earning program, Chitika banner will only be appear in Search Engine Traffic. What does it mean? It means that only the visitors search a certain keywords on search engine like Google, Yahoo! and come to you, this is so called Search Engine Traffic.That’s mean your returning visitors will not be able to see Chitika Ads. Also, Chitika Ads only appear in USA and Canada traffic.  Although recently they begin to accept some europe traffics, but still in testing. If you target on Malaysia, Asian audience, sorry to say, Chitika is not suitable for you.
  2. Chitika mentions that you can have their ads with Google Adsense on same page. Although this is true, however, based on our research and majority of the users experience which you can read online, their adsense earning drop significant when they place Chitika Ads together, but they do not earn good money in Chitika.
  3. We found some tricks which Chitika tries to ‘cheat‘ us. Recently Chitika had introduced the new Chitika Select, which works for international traffic. In this ads, we found Google Adsense ads appear on their ad space. What does it mean? You will not be paid when someone clicks on your ads, because they have no way to track it, all the money will enter into Chitika pocket.
  4. Another proof which made us stop using Chitika few weeks ago is, we have read a lot of negative reviews regarding to Chitika and we decided to test it ourselve to check whether it’s true. We have average 10-30 USA/Canada Traffics from search engine (based on Google Analytics), and  previously we have some clicks in a month, but now totally 0. So we asked our friends from USA to search the keywords which can be found in our blog and click on the Chitika Ads once a day for 3 days. After that we checked the stat it showed 0 clicks. Then we test ourselves with USA VPN, the same, 0 click. This is a big scam.
  5. During the testing period, we found that even Amazon and eBay ads present in Chitika Ad Space, when we clicked on it, it lead to checkout page, and we closed it. So in our Chitika stat show 0 clicks and no earning.
  6. Also be aware of their Termination policy in the terms and condition, “You may be terminated or cancelled participation without notice if your site has not generated any clicks on Paid Listings (as measured by Chitika) for a period of two (2) months“.
  7. In their referral program, they mention that you will get 10% commission for first 15 months, but in their terms and condition show only 12 months. Refer to screenshot below:

In control panel mentioned 15 months, also on their blog http://chitika.com/blog/referralprograms/

In their publisher terms and condition mentioned only 12 months.

In you are still interested in, you can click the button below to create an account with Chitika now.

Good Luck.

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Our opinion :

We write our review and share our experience with you in neutral position and honest. We’re trying to help you to reveal the hidden conditions, the unfair conditions, the scam, cheat, and this is our aim and purpose of establishing RMvalues. In fact, we breach their terms and condition when we decided to ‘test click’ their ads.

Until now, Chitika is the only publisher program we tested with test click. We wanted to give you the honest and true experience and review, and we had decided to leave Chitika, so we did the test above to proof the negative reviews among the web users. Unfortunately, it’s true, Chitika is a scam publisher program. Not a total scam, but partially scam, at least they paid their publishers the money they earned.

If you have good or bad experiences with Chitika, you’re welcome to share it here with us.

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