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You might be heard about Clicksor before, because Clicksor is 1 of the well known highest CPM pay out publisher program. Many webmasters, bloggers and forumers earn few hundred up to few thousand US dollar a month by using only Clicksor publisher program.

Clicksor offer:

  • Banner & Text Link
  • Inline Text Link
  • Pop-under
  • Inter-Ad (Interstitial Ad)
  • Video Ad
  • MsgAd
  • Search box

Beside that, Clicksor also offer referral program for referring new advertisers and publishers. Clicksor pays you:

  1. 10% of advertiser referred spending during first 12 months
  2. 10% of publisher referred earning during first 12 months

What’s the requirement of Clicksor Publisher program ?

Although Clicksor do mentioned that your site must have minimum 5,000 pageviews per day, however, after we communicate with Clicksor, as long as your site is in english and good quality, they will accept you, but only for pop under, Inline Text Link and interstitial ads until you reach a minimum 5,000 pageviews per day, then only will accept your site for Banner & Text Link Ads.

When and How do I get paid ?

Clicksor pays you every 15 days when you reached minimum USD $ 50 via PayPal or Check.

To get start with Clicksor, please click here to sign up an account.

Our 2 cents

Clicksor is a ‘MUST‘ have publisher program because of their extremely high CPM and good CPC pay out. Clicksor is a highly trusted company and they have very good reputation. They also offer very frequent payment which is twice in a month to ensure you receive your money fast.

If you ask me, I would say, you shouldn’t miss it. 😉

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