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If you are a Malaysian blogger, then you should look at nuffnang. Nuffnang is a Malaysian publisher program which dedicated for only blogger.

Nuffnang ads only can be placed on blog and they offer both CPC and CPM ads.

Nuffnang divide their publisher into 2 categories which are:

Exclusive Nuffnangers

Non-Exclusive Nuffnangers

Payment Rates (CPM)Set A Bands. Earnings to be 20-50% Higher than current blog income.Set B Bands. Earnings to be 20-50% Lower than Exclusive Nuffnangers
Payment Rates (CPC)60% higher than normal rate.Normal rate.
Payment Terms30 Days from End of Month Requested60 Days from End of Month Requested
Advertorial OpportunitiesEligibleNon-Eligible
Community Events70% of seats allocated for Nuffnangers. Guests allowed.30% of seats allocated to blogger only.
Contest Winners70% of prizes to Exclusive30% of prizes to non-Exclusive.
Use of Innit.comEligibleNot Eligible
Selection for CPUV AdsPriorityNo Priority

How and when you will get paid?

You will be paid via check at Net 60 or 90 Days after you have successfully accumulated RM 50.

Can I placed Nuffnang ads along with Google Adsense?

Of course, Nuffnang ads is image ads, so their format is different from Google Adsense, and you can freely place them together in any part of your blog. Remember, Nuffnang can be only placed on blog.

Our RM 0.02

We have been using Nuffnang over 4 months and generated over 4,000 impression monthly, but unfortunately we don’t even earn a single cent of it. To our opinion, it’s very hard to earn money with Nuffnang, unless your blog is receiving over 10,000 pageviews daily. Not highly recommend Nuffnang. But you may give them a try.

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