FIFA World Cup 2010 – South Africa

FIFA World Cup 2010 is around the corner, 32 countries soccer (or we called it football in some countries) team will be divided into 8 groups and begin their tournament from 11th June to 11th July 2010 in South Africa to win the highest award – World Cup Champion.

Which 32 teams do I mean ? They are:

South Africa Argentina England Germany Netherlands Italy Brazil Spain
Mexico Nigeria USA Australia Denmark Paraguay North Korea Switzerland
Uruguay South Korea Algeria Serbia Japan New Zealand Côte d’Ivoire Honduras
France Greece Slovenia Ghana Cemeroon Slovakia Portugal Chile

This year World Cup is very meaningful, because this is the first time the World Cup is held in Africa continent and South Africa will be the first, to bring this World Cup to Africa.

During this 30 days tournament, all 64 matches will be played in 10 stadiums around South Africa. Tomorrow we will introduce all these 10 stadiums to you briefly and we are trying to share all information related to you in the next few days. You should keep staying with us if you’re planning to watch any match live in South Africa.

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