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After several days of VoIP posts, you can see how cheap is VoIP compare to normal mobile or home phone calls.

Today, we share another even FREE VoIP calls service, which is TuiTalk, a division and brand of ARGELA-USA, Inc., a U.S. company, but ARGELA-USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARGELA Technologies, Istanbul, Turkey. So, in short, TuiTalk is provided by a Turkey company. 😉

TuiTalk offer you Free calls to Malaysia Landline & Mobile for FREE! But they imposed some limitation.

You can make up to a total 3 free calls to any Malaysia Landline & Mobile as well as other 40+ countries.

Maximum 6 minutes per calls to Malaysia Landline or 4 minutes to Malaysia Mobile.

So, you can make a daily maximum 18 minutes to Malaysia Landline or 12 minutes to Malaysia Mobile.

The call process is a bit annoying, you have to download their software, dial the number and wait the streaming of advertisement (about 30 seconds), then only will connect your calls.


You can create as many accounts as you want and each account entitle you to make up to 3 calls per 24 hours basis. Let’s say you made 10 accounts, then you can calls up to total a 30 calls (max. 180 minutes to landline or 120 minutes to mobile).

*Please do not abuse their service and we are not asking you to do so, as we just share this tricks with you and we held no responsibility if you being banned.


Internet Free lunch always not good in quality, and based on our experiences on testing Tuitalk services for over 6 months, their calls quality is the worst if we compare to the previous few paid VoIP calls providers which we share with you few days ago (Skype, DellMont, BetaMax, AlienVoip, etc).

However, you must keep on your mind that, TuiTalk is providing you the VoIP service for Free, so as long as you can stand with their quality and happy in talking, then TuiTalk is your choice.

But if you use the VoIP service mainly for business or cannot tolerate with such quality, then you might consider the paid and high quality VoIP providers.

Tomorrow we will compare all the VoIP providers we have talked in these few days and show you how you can save in your calls.

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