Have You Paid Your Income Tax ?

Today is the deadline of Income Tax Return Form (BE 2009) submission for for individuals without business source, and employment and other incomes (Does Not Carry on Business).

And for those who has business (Form B 2009), your due date is 30th June 2010.

If you haven’t submit your form yet, please stop here and quickly visit the nearest IRBM branch or submit via e-hasil online.

Below is the link of the directory and branches information of IRBM which you can find the nearest branch.


After submission, please do not forget to obtain a receipt and verification which certify you have submitted. Beside that, you can also write down the name of person in charge who receive and accept your submission form, his/her position in branch and official stamp.

We hope all of you who required to submit the Form BE had already submitted, this post is just a warm reminder for you.

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