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Today we will discuss another VoIP service provider – DellMont with you. Actually DellMont itself doesn’t provide any VoIP services directly but under several other brands, theye are :

  1. ActionVoip
  2. Rynga
  3. Telbo
  4. VoipBlast
  5. Jumblo
  6. Voipgain

Let’s see their call and sms rates to Malaysia Landline and Mobile.

ServicesCalls to LandlineCalls to MobileSMS rate
ActionVoip€ 0.007€ 0.018€ 0.03
Rynga€ 0.01 *€ 0.017€ 0.03
Telbo **€ 0.007€ 0.015€ 0.022
VoipBlast€ 0.005€ 0.015€ 0.03
Jumblo€ 0.003€ 0.02€ 0.03
VoipGain€ 0.01 *€ 0.015€ 0.03

* Rynga and VoipGain offer free calls to Malaysia Landline for 120 days after each € 10 reload. However, it subject to fair use policy, please refer to their website for more information.

The € 10 credit will be remained in your account after 120 days as long as you only calls to Malaysia Landline. After 120 days, you can use those € 10 credit for call to Malaysia Landline for as low as € 0.01/minute.

** Telbo offers 2 plans, which is pay as you use and monthly plan (Unlimited World) for $5.95/Month.

As we can see, the VoIP providers listed above are very cheap compare to Skype.

Our Reviews:

We have tested ActionVoip, Rynga, VoipBlast out of all 6 VoIP providers, and below are our reviews.

  • The common problems (voice delays, words cut, voice echo, not heard and so on) of VoIP services we mentioned yesterday frequently occurred.
  • Poor quality of service.
  • They do not obey the fair use policy – call under their limit but still being charged for overuse (which we did not).
  • Charges are based on minute billing, but not second.
  • Although the rate above are mention in 3 digits (€ 0.000) , but in accounts are showed only 2 digits (€ 0.00), so the charges are round up to 2 digits (€ 0.018 becomes € 0.02).
  • Why have to pay € 0.80 handling fees for every top up?

If you have use any of the service, please share your experience with us.

* We spent over 6 months on testing for at least 20 VoIP providers. That’s why we share these info with you now.

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2 thoughts on “Dellmont VoIP Services

  1. Fernando

    I totally agree with your comment about their unfair use of the Free Policy Use. It's totally random and they will charge you for calls that according to their website they should be free. It's their way of using your "free credit".

    I've tried sending email to their customer service but no reply

  2. thewebiz

    Complaint # 1. They don't have any support, up to complaint receipt everything is fine then you will not listen from them.
    Complaint # 2. They brought me in business and I shocked to see that call rates are for Pakistan increased 10 times in a single day. So I am running out of business. Trying to contact but no reply as usual.

    Destination Active from Current rate New rate
    Pakistan [FIX] 9/30/2012 2:00:00 PM (9/30/2012 9:00:00 PM UTC)€0.01295 (≈ $0.01771)€0.10000 (≈ $0.13679)
    Pakistan [MOB] 9/30/2012 2:00:00 PM (9/30/2012 9:00:00 PM UTC)€0.01120 (≈ $0.01532)€0.10000 (≈ $0.13679)

    Complaint # 3. They charge even if the call is not replied and the same was observed especially in Canadian and US numbers. Complaint submitted with call log proof……..but…..:(, no response.


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