Skype Rates

Today let’s talk about Skype – a famous VoIP provider. Before we review it, let’s see their call plans and rates.

Skype offers 2 call plans

  1. Pay as you go
  2. Monthly subscription

Let we begin with Pay as you go plan. What’s it? Pay as you go mean how much you use, how much you pay.

Calls to Malaysia Landline (fixed line)€0,017 /minute + €0.039 (connection fee)

Calls to Malaysia Mobile line€0,047 /minute + €0.039 (connection fee)

Connection fee only charge for 1st minute for each call. Connection fee €0.039 will be charged if you calls to any country listed in Unlimited World below or €0.079 if the countries are not listed in Unlimited World.

For example, you made a call to Malaysia mobile for 5 minutes, the call charge will be €0,047 x 5 minutes + €0.039 (connection fee) = €0.274

When you look at the pricing in Skype, you will see 2 rates, which 1 is without VAT and 1 is includes VAT. For Malaysia, as our billing address is outside Europe, we should refer to the without VAT pricing because we don’t have to pay VAT.

For Monthly subscription plan, there have many plans, which are Unlimited Country (1 country) €3.95/month, Unlimited Europe (all europe countries listed below) €4.95/month, Unlimited World €8.95/month (which includes Malaysia + other 39 difference countries), Unlimited US & Canada €1.95/month, Brazil 400 €5.95/month, World 400 (for Brazil) €9.95/month, India 300 €9.95/month, World 300 €11.95/month, South Africa 400 €9.95/month and World 400 (for South Africa) €11.95/month.

Unlimited Country

Unlimited Europe

Unlimited World

Although Skype said Unlimited, but there are not Unlimited, because it subject to fair use policy. How fair is it?

It subject to usage limit of 10,000 minutes (166 hours 40 minutes) per user per month, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Also, no more than 50 different numbers in total can be called per day.

Monthly subscription plan are free from connection fee. However, if you use over what the fair use policy allowance, you will be charged according to pay as you go rate.

SMS rate for both pay as you go and monthly subscription plan:

Malaysia – € 0.078 /sms

How to buy or subscribe to Skype?

You can pay with PayPal, Moneybookers, Charge/Credit/Debit Cards (Diners, MasterCard or Visa), Bank Transfer and

Tomorrow we will review the Skype service with you.

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