U Mobile Prepaid

U Mobile is a half MNO and half MVNO. U Mobile has its’ own facility and they also rent the facilities of Celcom as their MVNO. and U Mobile has signed the agreement with DiGi as their national roaming service after ended of agreement with Celcom.

U Mobile

The frequency U Mobile operate is only 3G 2100. But they do have GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency band from Celcom.

U Mobile offer only 1 prepaid plan. It used to be charged RM 0.01 per 1 second charging block. However, now U Mobile has been changed.

U Prepaid
Voice Call to U Mobile Network RM 0.30/min
Voice Call to Other Networks RM 0.35/min
Video Call to U Mobile Network RM 0.30/min
Video Call to Other Networks RM 0.60/min
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS to U Mobile Network RM 0.06/SMS
SMS to Other Networks RM 0.10/SMS
MMS to all Networks RM 0.25/MMS

Please be aware that U Mobile has suddenly changed their policy – charging block from 1 second to 30 seconds. πŸ˜‰

Many operators has imposed this rule suddenly without any notice.

Let’s see what’s their Postpaid plan offer tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “U Mobile Prepaid

  1. Vincent

    Wrong! UMobile is not MVNO that ride on Celcom network. UMobile is pure UMTS operator on 2100MHz only. So they need GSM network for area that they are not covered. So they have agreement with Celcom to ride on Celcom.. They have signed agreement with DiGi to ride on DiGi network after tenure with Celcom ends.. You are confusing people with UMobile as MVNO!

    1. RMvalues Post author

      Hi Vincent,

      Thanks for pointing out our mistake. We have corrected it accordingly.

      If you found any other mistake, please don't hesitate to tell us.

      Best wishes,


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