Compare & Analyze DiGi Services

Today we are going to compare all the DiGi services with it’s own and we will analyze whatever we talked in these few days and recommend or not recommend you to go for.

DiGi Prepaid


  • Flat call rate to any mobile & fixed line numbers
  • Postpaid like call rate after you reached RM 1 total daily usage
  • 15 favorite numbers with 11 DiGi & 4 Non DiGi numbers. Even call to Non-DiGi numbers can enjoy favorite number call rate.
  • Even favorite number can enjoy low call rate after RM 1 total daily usage reached.


  • Charging block raise to 60 seconds after RM 1 total daily usage reached. That’s mean even you call for 1 second, you have to pay for 1 minute.

Recommend for those who have to call to any networks with low call rate. If you are always calling to Non-DiGi FnF numbers, then this is the good plan for you. But if you are always calling to all numbers and monthly usage over RM 30, then you should consider DG 30 postpaid plan.

DG 30


  • Low commitment with no access fee.
  • Low call rate with only RM 0.20/min to all networks.
  • 12 seconds charging block for favorite number


  • Not allow family/supplementary lines

Recommend for those who monthly usage more than RM 40 prepaid user. If you switch from DiGi prepaid to DG30 postpaid, you will save even more. Beside that, you can get another RM 5 rebate monthly if auto-billing selected.

DG 50


  • Free DiGi-DiGi call,sms if your monthly bill more than RM 150.
  • 12 seconds charging block for favorite number
  • Even prepaid users can be your family/supplementary line

Recommend for those who love to call, but monthly make less than 1100 minutes, if you are over 1100 minutes, DG 150 is your choice. 😉

DG 150


  • Lowest call rate
  • Free DiGi-DiGi call,sms if total usage over RM 150
  • Even prepaid users can be your family/supplementary lines

Recommend for those who always make over 1500 minutes call.

DG D’Campus Fresh Grad Plan


  • Enjoy all the advantages of DG50.
  • Lowest commitment as DG30, but cheaper call rate

Recommend for all new graduate who like to switch to postpaid plan.

Phone Plan

For those who want to buy a new HTC or Nokia phone with cheap price and seeking for new postpaid plan, then this is your choice to get the package 1 or package 2 (if you love to browse internet).

However, DG Smart plan is most probably the best phone plan. Because it has no commitment, no access fee. Only monthly subscription RM 58 for the internet usage, like Internet Unlimited Monthly 58. It’s worth to subscribe DG Smart plan rather than DG postpaid + Internet Unlimited Monthly 58.

Data Plan

Internet Unlimited Max5 is the only choice for prepaid users. If you browse over 500KB in a day, then you will save huge with this plan. And basically you will use over 500KB/day. With 100MB daily usage for just RM 5, you can surf the web anywhere anytime with HSDPA speed (up to 14.4Mbps).

Internet Unlimited Monthly 58 is the choice for postpaid users who are not using too much resources, not heavy download. 3GB is quite enough for checking email & instant messaging. And this is considerable cheaper than prepaid users as if they use 100MB daily for 30 days, they will pay RM 150 (RM 5×30 days), but with this postpaid data plan, only RM 58. Worth enough. 😉

Internet Unlimited Max149 is a pay-per-use plan actually, but it capped on RM 149. If you are heavy internet users and within their HSDPA (3.5G) coverage and crazy with your current slow fixed internet line provider, then you can think about it. 14.4Mbps unlimited usage, but RM 149 is a bit expensive.

Tomorrow we will continue to the next MNO. See you tomorrow. 😉

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