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You might be missed or failed to get a Free VPN on 1st December after reading our post <Free 100 US & UK HideIP VPN to grab – Hurry>, not to worry, today we will show you another Free VPN which is CyberGhost VPN (Germany).



What is the advantages of this VPN?

  • Free of charge
  • Free 1GB monthly traffic
  • Anonymity online
  • Up to 30% faster site access
  • Additional firewall function
  • Secure data safe with CyberGhost storage
  • Surf safely with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Enhanced log-in system for client and UCP
  • Blocking of internet traffic at connection problems
Why pay for the free car magazine which you can get it free?

How it works?

  1. You connect to internet via your ISP (Streamyx, DiGi Broadband etc)
  2. Connect to the CyberGhost VPN server & provide your log in information
  3. An encrypted connection is created between your PC & the CyberGhost VPN server
  4. An anonymous IP address is assigned to you
  5. Your actual IP becomes an anonymous IP

Interested now?

Please go to CyberGhostVPN now to create an Free account!

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