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RMvalues Telecommunication

I’m sure you must be very familiar with our telecommunication prepaid, postpaid and mobile internet data plans comparison chart as well as recommendation and their hidden charges or tricky terms and conditions in our old blog. As a consequences of our revamping process, we’ve seperated our telecommunication section into a new and unique blog – RMvalues Telecommunication.

RMvalues Telecommunication blog was launched beta few months ago and recently we’ve been working hard to compare the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus and I hope it can give some guidance and shed the light on how to choose an affordable package. Therefore, we are happily to announced that, RMvalues Telecommunication is officially launching now.

RMvalues Telecommuncation

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RMvalues Technology

Today we would like to announce availability of new section of RMvalues site – RMvalues Technology. As a result of revamping RMvalues, we had seperated out the technology section into an independent site with a unique url –

RMvalues Technology

In this section, we will try to cover as much as all the interesting and important technology related article, news and information. You might already noticed the launched of this section couple months ago, but today we had officially launch it. Continue reading RMvalues Technology

RMvalues Semi-Dedicated & Dedicated Servers

Since the launched of our VPS offers, we have received many feedback that VPS is not longer fulfill their needs and they are looking for more powerful hosting, but not dedicated server, as they cannot afford it yet. Therefore today we are happy to announce that we are begin to offer Semi-Dedicated Server packages to you. We have 2 Semi-Dedicated Server plans:

Semi Dedicated 1 Semi Dedicated 2
CPU usage (24 hours) 30% 50%
Email sent (each hosting account) 10,000 emails /day & up to 300 recipient /email
File Quota 300,000
MySQL limit (per hour) 90,000 queries 130,000 queries
SSH Optional Included
Dedicated IP 1 1

further info please refer to our Terms & Conditions

Control Panel

Our Semi-Dedicated Server plans are using our in house built control panel – Hepsia. Although cPanel are the most well-known control panel, but according to our test, Hepsia is better than cPanel. Please read the comparison chart here.

Hepsia Control Panel DEMO

Free of charge one-click PHP application installation tool

You can install most popular PHP application, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop with just a single click via Hepsia control panel.

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